Northeast residents, business owners concerned about flying trash


POSTED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 5:46pm

Northeast residents are fed up with flying trash and they're pointing the finger at a nearby recycling plant.
"We're standing in the middle of a big ol' [sic] mess,” Harvey Sanchez, a Northeast El Paso resident concerned with the trash said. Heaps of plastic bags adorn the desert landscape on railroad a not so pleasant sight for residents who are fed up with the blight. "It looks terrible."

Sanchez blames Friedman Recycling. "Most recently I've been driving in this area and it's a horrible sight."

"We realize that some of it does come from our facility and we're doing our best to maintain that,” Morris Friedman, President of the recycling plant explained.

This isn't the first time the company has come under fire. In 2009 residents brought their concerns to City Council -- worried the company was violating city ordinances. An extension for the existing fence has since been put up to try and keep the trash contained but many say it's still not enough.

Our crew was at the site for about an hour and saw about a dozen plastic bags fly out of the plant and onto the desert landscape, "It just doesn't look right,” Sanchez said.

Business owners like Shawn Bagdon are also upset and as he explains, he's been pleading with the company for years to clean up the mess. "But I never got a response, I never got anywhere with anybody,” Bagdon, who co-owns Bagdon Diagnostics Center explained, "But I've seen hundreds of pieces in the air when the wind gets blown especially lately in the last couple of weeks."

We brought the years-long concerns to Friedman, and he replied, “We have a person or persons on a regular duty maintaining the area.”

But residents claim, this is only helping a little because the plastic bags seem to keep piling up.

"Probably do a little cosmetic job on railroad drive where most of the traffic is,” Sanchez said.

Friedman Recycling told us they are waiting for the winds to die down, when that happens, they say they will send more resources out to clean the mess.

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