Nooks Instead of Books

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 6:25pm

Socorro ISD Takes Curriculum to the Next Level

The classrooms in the Socorro Independent School District are anything but boring.

It might be because the school is taking its curriculum to the next level.
Students can use Nooks instead of books and their experience is more interactive than ever.

"Our students need to be engaged so that they're fun while we're learning technology,” said Hueco Elementary School Principal Brenda Chacon.

"It's an opportunity as a learning community from one another, relative to how we're using our technology in our schools and all the various levels," said Socorro ISD Superintendent Xavier De La Torre.

Chacon says the students look forward to learning and are consistently taking turns to use the Nooks.

Superintendant De La Torre says Socorro has a reputation for being innovative and that's because every child in the school system has access to Nooks, iPads,laptops and interactive whiteboards.

Socorro Independent School District makes it a goal to prepare these kids for lifelong learning.

"You'll see opportunities and programs that make it affordable to school districts so that every student has access to technology and becomes a consumer of technology when they get older," said De La Torre.

This initiative is called LITE (leading interventions through technology excellence).

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