No Word On Whether I-10 Crash Victim Will Be Charged


POSTED: Friday, January 28, 2011 - 3:28pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 9:53am

LAS CRUCES – There is no word on whether New Mexico State Police will charge the woman they said was attempting suicide when she crashed into a tractor-trailer.

The accident took place Wednesday, in Las Cruces. Investigators said 18-year-old Brittany Alexandra Smith was driving along Interstate 10 east, when she crossed the median and drove into a semi. Police said when they got to the scene of the accident, Smith admitted she was trying to kill herself.

If you have not yet seen raw footage of the incident, that was taken just moments after the impact, click here.

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She has to face the consequences no matter what she may or may not suffer from. She obviously suffers from stupidity. What do you mean if someone would have been seriously hurt? What about the driver of the truck she purposely crashed her car into? He might have some cuts and bruises but what about mental anguish caused by that stupid broad? There should be no leniency for those found to be mentally impaired. Sue her and make her life an even worse hell for being an idiot LOSER.

She should not be victimized twice as obvisouly she suffers from mental issues. If someone would have been seriously hurt then it would have been a different story.
This individual did endanger lives but at the same time she will already be paying for her mistakes financially and for the rest of her life.
There is such a fine line between dealing with citizens concerning mental health issues and criminal punishment if its warranted in this case.

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