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No Shows At Southwest Airlines Will Have To Pay Up

No Shows At Southwest Airlines Will Have To Pay Up
Monday, December 17, 2012 - 1:17pm

Travelers with Southwest Airlines will soon have to pay a fee for not cancelling a ticket before a missed flight. 

Currently, Southwest allows customers who don't use their ticket to apply the price toward a new ticket but that will change come next year. You'll pay for a no-show. 

CEO Gary Kelly said the Southwest fee will bring the airline closer in line with policies at other airlines and won't alienate customers.

"By our research, customers understand that we all could benefit — customers and the company from the opportunity to resell a seat," Kelly said. "Once the airplane takes off and (a seat) is empty, we can't ever reclaim that."

Among other details, Southwest said it also plans to start selling some itineraries that involve connections to or from subsidiary AirTran next month and detailed an increase in some existing fees for both it and AirTran.

Southwest has not given an exact date for the change nor has it said how much the fee will be.

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