No Seat Belts for School Buses Yet

No Seat Belts for School Buses Yet

POSTED: Thursday, September 2, 2010 - 4:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 3, 2010 - 10:47pm

Students on school buses may not be buckled in for a while.

Berenice Zubia is the Executive Director of Public Relations for EPISD, and she said," We currently do not have any school buses with seat belts."

Students in El Paso won't be able to "click it" on school buses for a while.

Texas Education Agency budget cuts are keeping kids from buckling up on the big yellow bus.

"We're not the only school district, this is happening across Texas. And this is a state bill that got passed and unfortunately because of the cuts that are happening across the state, school districts are not receiving these funds," Zubia said.

The new mandate was set for September and requires three-point shoulder belts for new school buses.

But the allotted $10,000,000 for the program has come up short and now can only provide $3.6 million for seatbelts for every school bus in Texas.

"We unfortunately have to do without, but when this funding does come available it's going to be a welcome thing for the district. But in the mean time, we are going to be focusing on safety and our great driving record," Zubia said.

Although these funds have not become available for EPISD they say they are taking every precaution necessary to keep their students safe in and off the bus.

"We have not had up to date a serious accident with a bus," Zubia said.

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Seat belts in busses are not as safe as in a car. the seat are collasable and are meant to take the force the accident. So strapping a child to seat that taking the force of the accident does not sound safe to me. Plus if a bus were in an accident you would have one person, the bus driver, trying to cut out 77 children out seat belts god forbide this bus were to catch on fire. I dont know what the Laws are in texas about how many seat belt cutters are supposed to be on the bus.

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