No Mail For One El Paso Man


POSTED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 4:21pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 12, 2011 - 8:52pm

EL PASO - Most people dream their bills would stop showing up in their mailbox, and that's exactly what happened to one El Paso man. The post office stopped delivering his mail, but now his life has turned into a nightmare.

Gaspar Tarango walks to check his mailbox every day, but for the past month he says nothing has been inside.

"All my bills are getting late, and I have to pay late charges on them. I can't afford that. I'm on Social Security retirement," Tarango said.

Mr. Tarango just moved into a house he spent ten years building. He says he changed his address and started receiving mail, but then it stopped coming and he found a letter in his mailbox. It says "I won't be bringing your mail anymore."

"I don't think it's professional. It's something just written on a lunch bag," Tarango said.

Mr. Tarango questioned the letter carrier, and she told him delivering his mail was causing her to get overtime.

"...and if she come over here to deliver the mail, she'll be coming in late and the boss didn't like that," Tarango said.

The thing is, that postal carrier still delivers mail to a mailbox that's just across the street.

"He's about half a block away from me. If they can stop at my house, I don't see why they couldn't stop here too, " Neighbor Kamal Mahmood said.

"Well they have to go by my mailbox to deliver to him. I don't understand why they wouldn't come here," Tarango said.

Mr. Tarango says he would just drive to pick up his mail, but he needs to take care of his wife.

"She's handicapped. She has a broken hip. We can't be going very far to get our mail," he said.

We went to the post office to find out why Mr. Tarango's mail hasn't been delivered. The manager there wouldn't even come outside to talk to us, but another employee referred us to the main post office. They are now looking into it.

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Seems mail men are not being responsible in their job. As for me, this man is at times very helpless & thinks we know it all when it comes to mail & parcels..

the carrier should be held responsible, he is
the one thats not doing his job and they don't
even give this man no reason for this hell he
is going through, somebody please do something
for this man, what is wrong with all this,It is
very cruel the way he is being treated and for
no reason at all.

There's still no freaking excuse for it. I don't give a hoot if someone goes on leave, quits, dies or otherwise no longer delivers mail. The Post Office has a responsibility to deliver mail, and until absolutely everything can be delivered electronically or teleported to us, the Post Office will always have that responsibility. I'd be demanding from the USPS that THEY be the ones to pay my late fees & explain to my creditors why I haven't been making my payments. That is flat-out unprofessional.

I dont know what is really happening to the Post office management. My mail is delivered by a different Post Office person everyday and not wearing uniform.
Also, sometimes I get my neighbore's mail in my mail box.

I didn't recieve mail for 2months and the usual mail carrier came to my door and apologized that the one that took over his route while he was out on medical leave didn't know where my apartment was. So he was stopping by to return all the undelivered mail and offer his apology.

He took responsibility for the incovienence that happened to me because the temp-mail carrier couldn't go above and beyond his job to find out where was my mailbox exactly.

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