No Hurry for Second Marmolejo Murder Trial


POSTED: Monday, October 18, 2010 - 2:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 12:00pm

EL PASO - It may be next year before accused killer David Marmolejo goes on trial again.

As we told you last night, the judge in the case declared a mistrial.

So what happens now?

A hearing will be held next week to decide how to proceed.

The judge's docket is filled until April although he can always bump up a new trial.

Marmolejo's lawyer is expected to again ask that the trial be moved out of El Paso.

Meantime, David Marmolejo will wait in jail until his next trial on charges that he strangled his mother Gloria.

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From all that i have read and the comments from people that know him personaly, I have no doubt that this man is guilty. All you have to do is look in his eyes and you'll know he's guilty, but not man enough to confess that he commited this crime. When it comes to admitting his guiltyness he's like most murderers a coward,he know's he lost it in a fit of rage except this time he commited the worst crime any man can comit. There's no way his girfriend could have commited this crime,she helped?

I doubt the case will be moved out of El Paso especially that Esparza did not get what he wanted a guilty verdict and I fairly doubt that the second time around David Marmolejo will receive a guilty verdict either it will be another mistrial or not guilty. Just wait and see.

I remember this guy choking people in elementary school when ever he got angry..hope they prove him guilty.

A second trial will definitely not be a fair trial here in El Paso and the judge should realize that. Everyone here in El Paso has either read about or heard it on the news. Why hold him in jail. Put a monitor ankle bracelet on him or set a high bail.

duh, it did not turn into the slam dunk, wannabe politico Esparza thought it would be. Send the DA and his staff back to law school for a refresher. What a waste of my taxpayer dollars on their incompetance.

Move the trial and let's hope that David has one thread of decency to keep his family from testifying again, and confess. If he lets this go on and then is convicted, I hope he fries.

No doubt about it... the trial should be moved now

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