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No 2012 Leap Year Festival In Anthony


POSTED: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 6:33pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 11:14pm

The town of Anthony, TX is famous for celebrating leap year like the one just ahead of us in 2012.

Its held a four day leap year festival since 1988, but Anthony’s chamber of commerce has no plans for a celebration on leap day, next February 29th.

The chamber asked the town of Anthony to host the festival themselves, something it had not done in before, but the town council shot it down thinking it's what's best for the community.

The town of Anthony is known throughout the world as the leap year capital.

For 22 years, Anthony has hosted a four day leap year festival.

Anthony mayor Art Franco helped organize the festival from its beginning.

"In my opinion it was a good deal. It was good for the community, and there is only certain circumstances behind all of this that probably lead it to where it's at right now,” said Franco.

Currently, the festival is stalled in its tracks after the town council voted not to host an event for 2012.

"Although it would have been a good deal. It would have been good, it's not something we could take on at that time and do by ourselves. We were willing to help out and everything, but we didn't want to take the responsibility of putting it on our shoulders,” said Franco.

Franco claims money is not the issue, saying there is a new hotel tax that would have allowed them to fund the event. In recent years, the event attracted out of towners who stayed in hotels.

"We enjoyed the people coming here. To me it's a great pool for the community of people from out of town and spend their money here, which is what it is all about, but it also requires a big participation from the community, as a local community,” said Franco.

However, some people in Anthony seem to disagree.

“It would bring more people in and more money to their businesses, things like that,” said Carlos Ramirez.

"I hope they rethink about it and not take it away because I celebrate every four years, so it would be a loss to me,” said Amalin Cordova.

Mayor Franco says the city donated 7,000 dollars for the 2008 event, but he says other events, like the Fourth of July draw more interest from the people in Anthony.

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