Nightmare Next Door

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 5:36pm

An abandoned, decaying house in the lower valley is attracting nasty pests and the owner of the property next door is fed up.

But after NewsChannel 9's made some calls, the city is now taking action.

"It's been abandoned for about 3 to 4 years now," said neighbor Sonia De La Cruz.

And in that time, this home has fallen apart, trees have uprooted, and trash has decorated the lawn.

"I get black widows, with my kids I have to be very careful," De La Cruz said. She says the city needs to clean up this property.

"If you would go in there, it's almost waist-high, the trash in there."

At first, the city told us the house wasn't theirs. But after some digging we found out that there are unpaid taxes on the property. Within a couple of hours of us asking questions, the city now says it is moving forward with foreclosure. This means the city would become the trustee and hold a public auction to sell the home. Until then, De La Cruz says she's left paying for fumigation.

"So I'd rather pay than have the infestation in my house."

There have been 16 code compliance violations filed with the city of El Paso. The city says it is scheduled for a cleanup but De La Cruz says she's been hearing that for weeks and just wants something done. What really makes her angry: the Environmental Services Department just gave De La Cruz a warning about her grass being too long, then gave her the runaround about what's being done with this nightmare next door.

"I think its only fair if the city is going to fine me, then they should really look at this property. I mean, you can see old bottles."

The property is going to be cleaned up in the next week. We'll let you know if that happens.

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