"Nightmare in Las Cruces" Sells Out in El Paso


POSTED: Monday, March 1, 2010 - 8:21am

UPDATED: Saturday, January 15, 2011 - 10:59am

EL PASO--- "A Nightmare in Las Cruces" has been a huge hit in El Paso.

The movie that re-enacts the 1990 Las Cruces bowling alley massacre has been a main attraction for movie lovers.
It recounts gunmen who shot seven people execution-style, leaving four dead.

Charlie Minn, the movie's director, says it has been sold out almost every night it has played.

"It just shows that El Paso county has a huge heart. This is an awful story that happened only about 40 minutes from here. It's great that El Paso County has shown some compassion for the victims' families," said Minn.

The movie will play at Cinema 18 inside Bassett Mall for another week.

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Try El Salvadore That's where they are Hiding My Guest is El Salvadore And The People Are Hiding Another America's Most Wanted.Trust Me They Must be in El Salvadore.I Am Possitive

I watched the documentary here in Silver City and it just broke my heart, what kind of monsters kill a 2 year old beutiful little girl? I hope those cowards are caught and spend the rest of their disgusting lives in prison and then when it's their turn i hope that the good lord punishes them even worse. My heart goes out to all the families that lost their loved ones in this horrific crime, escpecially the Teran family.

I pray that this movie and the 3/20/2010 airing of "America's Most Wanted" about these murders will bring these killers into custody. If the heartless assassins are never caught, I hope it's because that they already died long ago. Thank you Charlie Minn for telling this story and to John Walsh of "A.M.W." for all of the criminals that were captured thanks to your show, Saturday night on Fox.

I, myself, could not find the strength to see this horrific event. As a mother, I would prefer a public execution lynching of the killers rather than exploitation of my child's horrific last moments. I have to agree with Realistic on some level.

I understand your feeling. However, I wouldn't call it "exploitation". I would call it putting a face to statistics our violence ridden society has blown off as another unsolved crime and getting people to understand HOW horrible it was. It is horrific, much more reason people need to get these two killers off the street, which is the families intention. Public lynching, although deserved, wouldn't make us any better than them.

Its not that El Paso has a huge heart we as humans like to see something that we arent use to seeing on an everyday basis.

Realistic, I see your point of view, but I do have to somewhat disagree on your comment. I spent the whole week in El Paso prior to the movie's release talking to literally thousands of people and many medias with the director. I have to say that the people in the El Paso area seemed to embrace and have true concern and sympathy for the story and the families, that I was blown away by the reception and questions that followed, even more so than Las Cruces. A Teran

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