Night stalker dies from Hepatitis C

California Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation
Friday, June 7, 2013 - 9:41pm

The notorious "night stalker" has died. Richard Ramirez was born in El Paso and was convicted of murdering 13 people.
He was on death row at a prison in California, but today at just the age of 53, the serial killer passed away.

53 year-old Richard Ramirez, born and raised in El Paso and notoriously known as the 'night stalker', died from Hepatitis C at San Quentin prison in California. His crime spree in the mid-eighties terrorized California. He was convicted of 13 murders, along with 11 sexual assaults, 14 burglaries and another five attempted murders. And then was sentenced to death after being convicted in 1989.

"My dad said he would kind of stare and he was just quiet like a creepy kind of quiet," said Melissa Lagunas. Lagunas says her father grew up with Ramirez's older brother and sometimes Richard would tag along and go fishing on the weekends.

"You never know the evil or the sadness or the emptiness; whatever is lurking inside their hearts that makes them do the things they do," said Lagunas.

"Quiet is what my dad said. He didn't say very much but whenever they would catch a fish, he would kind of poke at the eyes and mess with the guts," said Lagunas.

Strange to Melissa's dad at the time but she says it never occurred to anyone that Ramirez was capable of such horrid crimes.

“Actually he went to school with my sisters and brothers. He was real quiet. You would never think. He was very quiet. He had a troubled childhood I can just tell you that much, the family," said a woman who claimed to be his former neighbor.

Ramirez tended to target elderly couples. His preferred method of attack was to quickly kill his male victims and then to rape his female victims.

While no one we talked to rejoiced in his death today, they do hope he felt remorse in his last hours.

"Hopefully he remembered as he was dying all those people that he took their lives away," said Ofelia Poulin.

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