Newspaper Asks for Truce

Monday, September 20, 2010 - 9:50pm

JUAREZ- Mexican newspaper El Diario has publicly asked drug cartels in Juarez to stop killing its journalists.

In an open letter published on the front page of the newspaper on Sunday, the editorial staff urged cartels to stop the violence.

"We do not want more injuries or even more intimidation.  It is impossible to exercise our role in these conditions.  Tell us, then, what do you expect of us as a medium?" the newspaper wrote.

The open letter comes just days after a photography intern for the paper was shot and killed.  21 year-old Luis Carlos Santiago Orozco was the second El Diario employee murdered in as many years.

A graffiti message found Sunday afternoon in Juarez, believed to be from the Juarez Cartel, denied responsibility for Santiago's murder.

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it is deplorable that two journalists have lost their lives for doing their job. But on the other hand is is just as deplorable for El Diario to even think of negotiating any kind of deal, as what do you really want us to print from now on. A newspapers job is to print the truth on a daily basis, and not just what the subscribers want printed. Shame on you EL Diario for even thing this way. Im curious if they have printed about Mexico headed to a Failed State Status.

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