NewsChannel 9's Kitchen Cops Reveals Cleanest and Dirtiest Kitchens

NewsChannel 9's Kitchen Cops Reveals Cleanest and Dirtiest Kitchens

POSTED: Monday, June 21, 2010 - 12:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 5:29pm

We took the highest and lowest scores from city health inspections between May 2-8.

The Church's Chicken at 5104 Montana had a near spotless kitchen with a score of 94. The inspector found just a few minor violations like a trashcan blocking a hand washing sink.

Next up on our passing list is Viva Cafe on the far East side located at 12221 Rojas. It scored a 93. There were only a few minor violations here, like a leaky sink.

Now on to a few of the restaurants that failed inspection, meaning a score of 69 or below. The McDonald's at 5440 Dyer in the Northeast got a 67. One of the violations the inspector found here was egg and sausage on the prep line weren't being kept cold enough. That's one of the most serious violations because potentially hazardous food that isn't kept at the right temperature can grow dangerous bacteria that could make you sick. The inspector noticed an employee not washing his hands for the required 20 seconds. Other employees were seen handling biscuits with bare hands when they should have been wearing gloves. A microwave, refrigerator, ice bin, and coke dispenser were all dirty. And the inspector found expired cheese. The restaurant passed reinspection.

Moving up the street now to Aranda's Restaurant at 9501 Dyer. It scored a 61. The inspector said sour cream wasn't being kept cold enough and beans on a steam table weren't hot enough. Containers of chicken and beef in the refrigerator weren't marked with a preparation date. A thermometer in the refrigerator was broken. The inspector also found salsa that expired 7 days before and said a cutting board needed to be cleaned. This restaurant also passed re-inspection.

Finally on the failing list is Ciro's Restaurant at 7000 Alameda in the Lower Valley. It scored a 58. Some of the violations included shredded cheese and chicken in a refrigerator that wasn't cold enough. There were also moldy tomatoes in a refrigerator. The inspector said there was no soap at a hand washing sink. Several flies were found in the kitchen. There were dry food particles on a cheese grater. Like the others, this restaurant passed re-inspection.

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We made a trip to California for spring break, and we really enjoyed the fact that a restaurant needs to post their score on their windows, they should do the same here, it will really make you think twice about walking into some of these places.

I agree with fhero.As soon as they pass reinspection they go back to their old ways. Also please check school cafeterias last year my childs school failed and thats the worst , to have your kids sick because the school is lacking sanitary measures. Keep up the great work .

Thank you for watching! We plan to do a special Kitchen Cops report focusing only on schools in the future. Since school cafeterias aren't open to the general public, we don't include them in the normal reports.

I love how the end of this report you said "Like the others, this restaurant passed re-inspection."

Obviously these reastaurants that are failing are in a bad habit of not keeping things clean for their patrons. That cycle needs to be broken by giving serious fines for such behavior. All they do is say "oh i failed let me clean up this once and pass again" but nothing happens after that. So in that time people can get sick like i did with a bacterial infection. Its something you never want.

You make a good point. One we are aware of. There are some restaurants that have failed unannounced inspections several times and always pass re-inspection. Every time a restaurant fails inspection they are charged a re-inspection fee by the city of around $100 which doubles every day they wait. As far as I know, there is no limit to the number of times a restaurant can fail inspection. Some fail once, a few fail many times. But we must report that they pass re-inspection when they do.

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