NewsChannel 9's Kitchen Cops Finds Cleanest and Dirtiest Kitchens


POSTED: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 12:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 10:05pm

On tonight's report we're revealing the highest and the lowest scored from April 25th to May 1st.

"Original Blimp" at 1310 Texas scored a near perfect 97. Kitchens don't get much cleaner than this. In fact this is the highest score we've featured so far on Kitchen Cops. The only violation was minor and easy to fix: a dirty microwave.

Moving on now to "KFC" at 1441 Airway. It scored a 94. This is another excellent score meaning there is a very clean kitchen here too. Inspectors found only a couple of minor violations here. Inspectors said paper towels were missing from a sink in the kitchen.

"Taco Bell" at 6055 Montana also passed inspection with a score of 91. One of the only violations inspectors found here was trays were placed on top of a hand washing sink making it inaccessible.

Now on to some of the restaurants that failed inspection meaning a score of 69 or below. First up, "El Nido Restaurant" at 6110 Gateway East. Inspectors gave it a score of 68. Violations included cheese and sour cream that wasn't being kept cold enough.That's one of the most serious violations because certain hot or cold foods that aren't kept at the right temperature can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can make you sick. Inspectors also found a dirty can opener and cutting board. Chili rellenos and macaroni in the refrigerator wasn't marked with a preparation date. There were no paper towels at a hand washing sink. And a thermometer was missing from a refrigerator.

The "Grand China Buffet" on the Westside at 655 Sunland Park Dr. also failed inspection with a score of 59.
Inspectors said they found cantaloupe in the salad bar that wasn't being kept cold enough and rice in the buffet that wasn't being kept hot enough. Inspectors said that all of the employees weren't washing their hands. An employee was seen touching a cooked duck with his bare hands to check its temperature. Flies were found in the kitchen. And the inspector said there were rodent droppings in the storage room.

Finally on our failing list is "Victoria's Mexican Restaurant" at 8949 Dyer with a score of 58. Cheese enchiladas on a steam table weren't being kept hot enough. A moldy orange was found on in a refrigerator. Beans and red chile weren't properly labeled with preparation dates. There was no soap or paper towels at two sinks in the kitchen and at the front counter. And an inspector said the microwave, juicer, can opener, cutting boards and utensils were all dirty.

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