Newly upgraded bus stop poses problems


POSTED: Friday, June 20, 2014 - 3:51pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 20, 2014 - 5:00pm

A Sun Metro bus stop near Dyer Street and Taylor Avenue has been the source of accidents, according to businesses and drivers in the area. 

Cesar Lopez said he was trying to make a left turn onto Dyer, but was unable to see cars approaching because of the large sign attached to the bus stop. He was hit by oncoming traffic. 

"You've got to creep onto Dyer to make sure there is no car in the far right lane going south, because of the bus stop," Lopez said. 

Sun Metro says the large sign is a part of a shelter, which have been put up at bus stops around El Paso to shield from sun, wind, and rain. 

Lopez isn't the only one who has been concerned about this particular bus stop. 

NewsChannel Nine spoke with several people in the area who agreed that drivers waiting to turn onto Dyer are unable to see oncoming traffic until they are already turning.  

Frank Perez, a mechanic, works at Dyer Cycle, directly behind the bus stop. Perez said he's witnessed several accidents there, the most recent one was Thursday. 

Lopez said he contacted Sun Metro after his accident in February, and then again recently. 

Laura Cruz-Acosta, spokesperson with Sun Metro, said they are in the process of addressing the problem. 

She said they will be replacing the large sign with a two foot panel. This will allow the shelter to still be secured but not block the view of those turing onto Dyer. 


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