New Year's Resolutions

Monday, January 3, 2011 - 5:58pm

This time of year, we all try to stay true to our New Year's resolutions. Many businesses are cashing in on those good intentions.

"I come six times a week to the gym, plus I've lost 23 pounds," said Beverly Reiter. Not only can she lift 50 pounds off of her chest, she can speak another language.

"10 repetitions, 3 times, for 300 pounds," she said, describing part of her workout regime today.

Like many people, Reiter made a promise to herself to get healthy. Just 3 years ago, she couldn't get into this gym without her walker. But after six weeks, all that changed.

"She comes over to me, 'Give me back my cane, you're walking,' and I was," she said.

"She doesn't like me to reveal her age but she's 77," said Reiter's trainer and the owner of Backstreet Gym, Mary Ellen Jerumbo. She says the next few weeks, in lieu of New Year's resolutions, will be crazy.

"By next week we'll probably do at least 300 tours through the gym," she said. That's a 75% increase in the number of tours they usually give.

"If you can grab 40% of them that's a pretty good ratio," Jerumbo added.

"There are a lot of new people in here and the gym is buzzing," Reiter said.

"January is a great time to make a New Year's resolution," said Ed Daffron. He is all about tightening the belt - when it comes to saving money.
He's a financial planner with First Command and says people should focus on their wallets just as much as their waistlines.

"Cut my spending, start savings, and get a real plan," is the typical advice his clients seek. He advises them to put away any extra money that the new year may bring.

"A lot of companies give cost of living adjustment pay raises in January," he added.

But whether you're focusing on your cardio or your credit cards, Reiter says it's just about making a goal and keeping with it.

Backstreet Gym is offering a lower rate right now to attract all those people who resolve to lose weight.

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