New Video Of Border Patrol Shooting Surfaces

New Video Of Border Patrol Shooting Surfaces

POSTED: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 27, 2010 - 3:21am

Now, there is video that shows what happened on Monday regarding the U.S./Mexico border shooting.

In it, you see a group of immigrants running across the international border. When they see the agents coming, the immigrants try to run back to the Mexican side.

You can see the agent pointing his gun at Sergio Hernandez and he appears to give him instructions. Then the agent fires his weapon.

The first shot seems to miss. The second shot hits Sergio Hernandez, killing him.

You can view the video by following this link:

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I wish the video had better viewing quality to be able to grasp what happened in detail as to who was doing what and in what intensity. But, if that was my bro throwing rocks and being killed as a result by a trained gun man then I would call it murder and much related to the unnecessary excessive force. On the other hand if the BP was my Dad, then I would be glad he defended himself and that he came home safe to us. It’s a no win situation as it is presented right now, we need the full investig

ok to I am an american so there have been BP agents that have broken the law in the past and they paid for it but it seems that you are stating that makes all agents dirty thats just crazy. To mescutia you say he was a child, but i still dont see how that matters are u suggesting that no one has a right to defend their own life if being assulted by a child.
and the distance was reported to be 35 ft thats half the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate yes u can kill wit a rock at 35ft

What do Illegals offer us? Crime, Unwanted babies, Drugs, Higher taxes based on Medical, education, Prison system, Education, they want Spanish education. Who's paying for this. All they bring is a need for Welfare,food stampes, Healthcare. As a Texan and a U.S. Cititizin. Its time to protect our Homeland. I will do that on my Property.

Let Mexico take care of their own people. Deport all Illegals first and second genoration. Our Nation dose not need them. Bottom line they are Illegal, All Legal Mimigrants are always welcome in our country.

I am still waiting for the Candle lit Mass for the slain Mexican Police officers?

Playing by the River? Igorance on the part of the Mother. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Great loss here. He got what he Deserved. Do that in Mexico - you die!

it is about starting a martial law black flag scenario,

It's too bad the kid was killed, but why in the world would he go near the border or the BP? I know kids like to "risk take;" but this is like going late at night into downtown Detroit, Chicago, or any other high crime area and then wonder why they got hurt or killed? "You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas."

Can you translate this into Afghanistan?

I doubt the BP person came to work wanting to hurt anyone. The problem is: the kid should not have been there. Anyone other than BP, who goes there is looking for trouble. It's unfortunate the kid was killed but whether it's an American or Mexican street kid - when they go there and begin to use weapons they experience the related consequence.

Seems to me that all commnets here about criminals tend to forget Border Patrol is a government agency with an extensive history of criminal activity. Seems the FBI has ommited this on their reports to the media. Remember the last Border Agents that got convicted!! Their sentence was commuted, stating they are still criminals. Read the news about the other Border Agents that have been caught for drug smuggling. So if we talk about criminals, the Border Patrol Agency has criminal history too!!

I am an American and disagree with the shooting because that so called boy was a CHILD

A child or a boy, what does it matter? At the age of 15 you're considered to be at the age of accountability. The fact remains that this is the very same criminal element that pleague our streets on a daily basis. What are we suppose to say Ay Pobrecito because of his age? I say not! Who would be saying Pobrecito if the B.P.agent had been the one hurt?

your ignorance reflects upon your response wheter the 14 yr old child was throwing rocks or not those liltle rocks were not going to kill anyone, you must not have kids because if you did you would agree that no matter what this kid did not deserve to be murdered the way he was shot in the head. in the video it shows he was not the one throwin rocks either way and justice needs to be made

I don't know how your "CHILDREN" behave, but my 15 year old son isn't smuggling humans across the mexican border. This CHILD was a criminal, he broke the law, and unfortunately paid with his life.

MEXICO needs to get their a----out of their heads and DEMAND investigations as well, on the US citizens that have been harmed or killed over there to include OUR teenager that was killed recently in Juarez. The parents of that smuggler kid are nothing but hipocrites pretending they care, where was the supervision or dicipline? "playing" at the river? PLEEZE

If a 14 year old was in the river playing with out supervision and was a American and was shoot how would you feel. You can't say all kids in the US are supervised or disciplined. The point here is he was a child. And before you shoot a gun you think, border patrol officer was already dragging another CHILD. He new he was shooting a CHILD.

Child? It was assault on a federal officer by a criminal. When asked to stop he did not listen, NO REGARD for the law. This is precisely what is wrong with Mexico.

He was not a child, he was a juvenile who had a history of smuggling others into the U.S. He had malicious intent when he was used the rocks to cause harm and even death towards the BP. This rock is considered a deadly weapon and the BP was forced to defend himself.

Of course there's kids that are not supervised or disciplined but they are not hanging out at the river throwing rocks at the Mexican police either. Get real Mescutia, you are clueless, but go out to the river and get hit by a rock, see how fast you defend yourself. You will quickly realize how a rock can injure, child or no child. This "child" has been confirmed as a smuggler and obviously not so innocent. Like someone else said recently, he lived like a thug, died like a thug.

My opinion is that many people want to portray the kid as inocent but I see both sides.I don't believe that the kid was just playing soccer, that is just an excuss.Noboby has any business being there the only people that should be there is the border patrol to protect the U.S. And I do understand that the Border Patrol has to protect themselves because they were being attacked, but excessive force was being used.Border Patrol agents should use inmobilizer guns but not to the point of killing.

Veronica, understand the border exclusively does not belong to US Border Patrol. That's why it's called a border. The border is share by Mexico and US. The US has no right to say who can or cannot be on the Mexican side of the border. The teen was shot at the Mexican side. We can't be shooting each other from one side of the country to another. Otherwise, Border Patrol Agents would be sitting ducks remember.

The teen was shot at the Mexican side where the teen was throwing rocks to the US side. We can indeed shoot people that threaten our lives from across the river if they are throwing rocks,sticks or bullets. The kid should not have been throwing rocks period.

Regarless what past the teenhad does not gives the right to no one to take your life. God is the only one with those dissions to make. The border patrol should serve justice just like any other murder should. Regarless the teen had a past .If we all get killed for our past the world would be alone.

It is not the juvenile's past that caused his death, he used the rocks with malicious intent (deadly weapon)just as if he had a gun. In the video, the lady taping even says "they are throwing rocks at him and he is on his knees"...if the BP is on his knees while apprehending another, the only alternative was for the BP to defend himself. If anyone was in the BP's disposition, we would not think twice and would defend ourselves.

Your worried about the world being alone? Look at the thousands of people, innocent and not that have been killed in Mexico in the last few years. They have no right to question US law, Mexico should be taking notes.

You are another example of, to put it nicely, Naive. If you are a law enforcement officer, you carry a gun to defend yourself when put in a situation such as this one. The kid could have been squeeky clean but if he threw rocks, the intent is to hurt, maime or kill, THEREFORE, the law enforcement officer is going to defend himself. Keep reading... the kid was a thug, the kid was a smuggler. Picture yourself with a gun and getting rocked, then maybe you know what you would have to do. REGARDLESS


Rocks to hit in a lethal way? Then that teenager would've been playing for the DODGERS as a PITCHER!. There a lot of distance from one side to the other side. Just admit it, the officer lost his head.


How do you know how much distance is in the area? I suggest you do a little research, before you make yourself look uneducated in front of everyone. Let's do this, take a gun, a baseball bat and a stun gun, then have some one throw baseball size rocks at you from 100 yards away and lets see what you pick up to defend yourself.

i ask my self why was the kid playing at the border what there/s no park to play at. Is running back and forth from mex to the us a game. running from the BP is that also a game. i was shown to respect the law. ya it true a rock is a rock until you throw it at someone then its a weapon. remember a lot of deadly thing are happening in j-town the BP dont know who or what type of ppl they dealing with. so they are on their toes and taking of themselves 1st after all wouldnt you want 2 go home 2 fam

I agree with you. See most Mexican people are not aware that Border Patrol has extensive criminal history. The Border Patrol Agency through its present and past employees have and had commited many crimes. They like to lie for one. Remember the last Border Agents that got convicted!! Their sentence was commuted, stating they are still criminals. Plus we have other Border Agents that have been caught for drug smuggling. Mexico needs to understand we can't control the criminals working for USBP!!

well I guess the BP was thinking of him self first. I to was shown to respect the law. I was also shown, I shell not KILL

Have you ever been pelted with rocks, come to my house I'll throw some at you and see how long you stand it. Will you lay your own life down for mine when I'm the one throwing rocks? I, as well as you, have the right to bare arms, so everyone should be careful when making threats, you never know how they may fight back. Texas law states that if a civilian fears for their life they have a right to shoot. You better believe I will take a life before loosing my own.


yeah i would like to see you in a that agents place see if you would be talking that same sh**

Good evening

I think you are making enough coverage of this situation, the media in Mexico is over exceeding the information about this teen. They are saying was an abuse of force from Border Patrol Agent. I am asking to the viewers and your team coverage, what would happen if the rocks hit in lethal way to a Border Patrol officer, would they investigate and punish these persons? The answer is simple, no. Any stuff we use to hurt someone is lethal so don't give more coverage to this matter.

The officer could of waited for backup before charging in his bike. We are the country that stands to protect children. This BP killed a child, and his family will never see him become a man. The BP did use force he dragged another boy and shot a 14 year old. That is force

Wait, you want him to stand and wait while US law is broken. That is exactly what Mexico has done, stand and wait, while thousands are dying.

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