New Strategy on Juarez Violence

New Strategy on Juarez Violence

POSTED: Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 6:43am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 12:04pm

Juarez - The Mexican government says federal police will take over the anti-crime campaign currently headed by
the army in the violent border city of Ciudad Juarez.

The army deployment has come under criticism from those who say soldiers are not trained for police work, and complaints they conducted illegal searches and detentions.

But perhaps more important is the fact that killings have continued apace, even with troops in the city across the border from El Paso.

An unspecified number of soldiers will remain in Juarez to help combat drug gang violence that killed more than 2,600 people last year, and 500 more so far this year in the city of 1.3 million.

Mexico's Interior Department said today that, starting tomorrow, "the Mexican army will start gradually transferring responsibility for public safety to civilian authorities, to federal authorities at the beginning and gradually to state and local" forces.

The statement said 1,000 federal officers will be added to the police deployment in the city, bringing the number of federal agents to 4,500.

More than 7,000 troops had arrived in Juarez by mid-2009.

The department said the change was part of a new strategy to focus on social programs as an answer to the continuing violence.

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Really, Mexico should just give up, no one is going to do anything about it. As long as the U.S. doen't go in and stop all this. It's never gonna stop. The Mexican Army and police officers are just a waste of time... They are in it as well. So how is that going to help?

Well I think it's people like you, that give up! There are millions of familes with children that want this caos to end and with the help of many sources in time things can change.

Not only that, set up sting operations against officials being brought in to combat the cartels/crime. Set up the bait for them and most of them will fall, Weed out all corrupted federal police & official and maybe they will get somewhere with this.
There has to be some kind of acountability, Or else this also will fail as the mexican Army did.

LOL...funny how the CHILANGOS are coming over once again to show the JUARENSES how to do things. But I think we already know how to fix this problem, DAMAGE THE BRIDGES (Paso Del Norte, Cordova, Ysleta), shut them down for repairs and make them cross the drugs through the desert like they used to. That is why they are going back to the east of Juarez, Alameda Ave. and I-10 are far easier to get to. But do worry when they start damaging the southern borders between Mexico and Central America.

Drug test everyone of those officers being brought in before you set them loose on the streets.

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