New SISD High School to Open


POSTED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - 9:57am

Socorro Independent School District will be opening their newest high school on August 2nd.
Eastlake High School is a $40,000,000 project comparable to a college campus. 

A typical classroom will have interactive white boards and I-pod touches for students to use. The school will have more than 350 brand new Mac computers and WIFI throughout the school. The principal, Angelica Ramsey says that this school was built with college in mind.

"They will never think to themselves if I'm going to college we really want them thinking where am I going and what am I studying," Ramsey said.

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Welcome to the 21st century litarcy. We have gone from being able to sign your name was considered "literate" to now the new "literate" savvy. What is worng with a high school build to push our students into the 21st century literacy? This is why other countries are moving aheaded of us in Science, Math and soon Literacy! Go figure...think about that!

Before you enforce or enhance a negative stereotype of the majority culture in our area, you should opt not to talk about literacy if you are not any more literate than the ones you blame

I am very greatful that our taxes are being used to benefit the children of the community. It is unfortunate that other districts are closing several schools. However, the people in the community pay a significant amount of tax dollars in which they will now see the fruits of their money. I agree they might have spent alittle too much money but in the end it will benefit alot of children now and in the future to come.

I agree with over spending but when there are huge budget like that believe me they will spend it ALL!! and over price things... Sad thing its coming out of our TAXES...
SECOND thing... Mr. Sup..if you want to save money why dont you come up with a budget plan. For example, if there is someone in the district that is not working with kids one to one. and has an office job like the ed center. They should be ONLY working while there are kids.. Closed it down and I bet that would save Millions..

Anyone who criticizes the amount of money spent to construct a new state-of-the art facility such as Eastlake High School, should take the time to investigate how much school districts in other parts of the country are spending on new high schools. Easily over 100 MILLION dollars. As a taxpayer of the SISD school district, I feel that we are getting a lot for our investment, and we should be thankful that someone is dedicated to the advancement and success of our students.

1 to 1 teaching is not the is knowing your students strengthes and weaknesses.

we have hired 30% more teachers to match a growth of 1% in much sense does that make?

you must be kidding many jobs could that amount of money provide...spending more money does not improve education...we've spent 30% more on education in the past ten nothing for it....just more teachers we don't need...more teachers does not equate with better results...I am sure the people in that school district think that is way to much money to spend on a HS....are you people kidding...wake up

You say "more teachers does not equate with better results" ..... I'm not so sure your right (I can't say your wrong either). What I can say is that SISD has improved tremendously over the past decade. Have you ever stopped to take a look at how many schools are now exemplary as compared to a decade ago? Can you prove it has nothing to do with the number of teachers or the ratio of students to teachers? Winning the BROAD prize is not positive result enough for you?

tht is just stupid to spend mon ey on ipod touches seein as how some school districts are having having budget cuts and having to close aready crowded schools. what does the school district think its keeping up with the robinsons?

Montwood FTW!

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