New Public Housing To Help Cut Down 4-Year Wait List

New Public Housing To Help Cut Down 4-Year Wait List

POSTED: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 7:08pm

EL PASO - Tens of thousands of El Pasoans are on a wait list to get into public housing, and now they're about to get just a little closer to the top of the list.

Construction crews are close to finishing the new Paisano Green Community. The apartments are a major investment for public housing in El Paso, and opening day can't come soon enough.

"Some people can wait up to four or five years to get into public housing," Housing Authority CEO Gerald Cichon said.

Cichon says the need for public housing completely outweighs the number of homes that are available.

"If you look at the poverty level in El Paso over the rest of the country, we actually have a much greater percentage that are very low income," he said. "It's about 50-thousand people who are currently waiting for housing through the housing authority."

The new green community should help cut down on that list. That's because the folks moving into the new community are already in public housing, and they'll be leaving their current apartments vacant.

"After they move in, it's going to open up about 74 units, 73 units, across the city, and what were going to do is back fill that with the list that we have, currently, of those 12-thousand families that are waiting to get in," Cichon said.

The housing authority expects the green community to open on April 20th.

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just letting u know these people who apply MUST HAVE A JOB TO LIVE IN PUBLIC HOUSING its a requirement

Lets keep it as is that way they will get a job.

i thought these where only going to open for the sienors?

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