New Mexico Senator pushes for recreational marijuana use

New Mexico Senator pushes for recreational marijuana use
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 1:48pm

The New Mexico State Legislative session begins Tuesday and one controversial bill had been already pre-filed. It's Senate Joint Resolution Bill 10 that was prefiled by State Senator Gerald Ortiz Y Pino.

Ortiz y Pino wants to amend the state's constitution to allow the taxation and regulation of marijuana for adults. Just a little more than half of the state is in favor of legalization.

Medical marijuana use is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia.
that list includes new mexico.

Now, New Mexico wants to be on the much shorter list, the list of states that have already legalized recreational marijuana.

"Seeing as how their medicinal program is one of the strictist in the country, if they are going to push it through, it's going to be very well thought out," said Colt DeMorris of El Paso NORML.

DeMorris is familiar with marijuana laws across the country.

New Mexico Senator Jerry Ortiz Y Pino pre-filed a bill that would allow recreational use of marijuana.
If passed in the State Senate, it would have to pass the House of Representatives, then it would be up for New Mexican voters to decide in the November 2014 election.

There's another state bordering Texas that's trying to legalize pot, Oklahoma.

"That puts Texas in a bind," DeMorris said. "They gotta figure out something to do because with surrounding us. People are going to have access to it. More people are going to have more access to it".

That, he says could lead to fuller jails.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has come out opposed to the idea, because it would be a constitutional amendment that would be too broad and that in turn could cause federal issues .
Plus, she says its very complicated and is driven by partisan politics.

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