New Mexico Governor Declares Emergency


POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 5:26am

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:39am

SANTA FE - New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has declared a state of emergency stemming from a natural gas shortage.

Tens of thousands of New Mexicans are without natural gas and therefore without heat today.

Parts of the state have been experiencing below zero temperatures, and an apparent surge of natural gas use has overloaded the system with the higher demand.

Schools are closed in most of the state, and some areas have opened emergency shelters to help those affected.

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Give her a break. She has been in office for what, 5 minutes?

What is most shocking to me is the dearth of information. It is nearly 8 a.m. Thursday and when you go to the New Mexico Gas' Emergency web page for the LATEST UPDATE you get a posting from noon yesterday. Its customers are living on the edge with their welfare and their home equity on a lifeline and we get no new information as to whether the crisis is getting worse or progress is being made, what to expect in the coming 24 hours. We do get a lot of statements that try to mitigate severity.

Our Texan governor was elected thanks to huge funding from the Texas oil business. Can't help think these "blackouts" are convenient to her agenda of trying to get oil drilling going here in New Mexico. It appears Santa Fe has no shutoffs, but here in northern New Mexico nearly 12,000 homes are without gas/heat. News from NM Gas Co is conflicting - they stated they shut off gas to certain communities. How were the communities chosen? Obviously Susanna is still cooking with gas.
Magda Smith

The New Mexico Governor has a lot of don'ts, but she has no do in her agenda.

Nay sayer. Have you seen the agenda? Do you really think they are doing nothing? What is this? "...some areas have opened emergency shelters to help those affected" Seems like something to me.

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