New Mexico to continue funding mental health facilities

New Mexico to continue funding mental health facilities
Monday, July 22, 2013 - 7:52pm

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was met by demonstrators at an event in Las Cruces protesting possible cuts to mental health clinics in the state.

About half a dozen demonstrators held signs at a downtown ceremony honoring the city for their efforts on Main Street and after the even concluded, Martinez spoke with a protestor one-on-one.

"That's the last thing that she wants to do is cut funding to the facilities," said one of the protestors, Melody Burns, who met with the governor.

The peaceful protest came after an audit found 15 facilities had possibly misused $36 million dollars in funds.

Martinez said changes will be happening with funding but the patients will not be affected.

"If they are receiving services now they will continue to receive services," Martinez said.

Martinez said an Arizona company would assume the funding responsibilities while Attorney General Gary King reviews the audit.

Gov. Martinez stressed the patient will continue to see their therapist without any interruption.

The Arizona company will distribute funds to the facilities as needed but will eliminate the upper level CEOs who could potentially face charges depending on the attorney general's findings.

King has sealed the audit and has not commented on the matter citing the ongoing investigation.

Martinez said it might take up two months for the review of those documents to be complete.

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