New Las Cruces fire station provides many benefits to West Mesa

New Las Cruces fire station provides many benefits to West Mesa
Friday, January 17, 2014 - 5:37pm

The City of Las Cruces opened Fire Station 7 Friday in the West Mesa in an area that was previously underserved.

The new station located on Crawford Road next to Las Cruces International Airport will provide many benefits to the area.

"Prior to this facility our response times unfortunately were in the neighborhood of 11 to 13 minutes," said Las Cruces Fire Department Chief Travis Brown.

The new $2.1 million facility will now allow for response times that are cut in half.

That will obviously improve safety resulting in lower insurance premiums.

"This fire station has lowered our insurance office rating from a nine to a two," Brown said.

He explained a nine is almost no fire protection and two is almost as good as you can get.

With the airport only yards away, firefighters are also capable of assisting if any aircraft were to crash.

"They also go through specialized training in aircraft rescue and firefighting so they can protect the airport and aircraft," Brown said.

But the training opportunities go a step further with the adjacent state of the art training facility.

The facility features a two-story building with obstacles inside and heavy smoke capabilities to simulate what a firefighter might encounter at a fire.

Outside the facility has a metal car, dumpster and propane tank so firefighters can do live fire training.

"These guys really know a lot here so it makes us feel good," said Las Cruces resident John Laity. 

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