New Information on El Paso Police Officer Charged with Marijuana Possession

New Information on El Paso Police Officer Charged with Marijuana Possession

POSTED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 10:11am

UPDATED: Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 8:17am

EL PASO – NewsChannel 9 has learned new information about the El Paso police officer who is facing drug charges.

Detectives arrested officer Robert Barragan along with Crystal Robles on Monday evening.

Both are charged with marijuana possession.

Court documents reveal detectives staked out their home in the 3700 block of La Cuesta all day Monday before the arrests.

After getting a search warrant, police said they found a bag of pot next to a glass pipe and a marijuana cigarette inside the house.

The Police Department is in the process of firing Barragan, who is an 8-year veteran of the force.

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Las Cruces Sun News is reporting that approximately 2 grams was found in the entire home. If this is true, what a joke. With all the crap going on just in our communities, they must be real proud of this bust. It's sad this guy is going to lose his job over something that is rampant through-out society. Look at the political knuckle heads that just got popped in NM for transporting weapons into Mexico, now that is a real crime. They must want him off the force real bad.

Another casualty of the flawed and unjust war on drugs.

TO ALL YOU IN LAW ENFORCEMENT: How many of you go home and drink alcohol, which is MORE hazardous to you and those around you.

A whole day of staking out only to find a bag of marijuana? Police should be ashamed of themselves. Smoking marijuana is no different actually safer than smoking cigarettes or drinking. I do not use any of these drugs and those LAW Officers who drink or smoke are hypocrites and a disgrace.

When they do the hiring, they look what they have done in the past or present and if they have a clean record then they hire them. PD dont know that in 15 years from now that they will get involved in criminal activity. nobody could tell. anything could happen in 10-15 years in the officers career. you just hope you hired good officers. An officer can go through alot in 10-15 years.

If in fact this allegation proves to be true, this is just another case of the incopetence on PDs part on their hiring/drug monitoring of the boys in bruised blue, To those of you that will stand up and defend their actions, remember they chose a job that is supposed to make them act/behave beyond reproach. If convicted and incarcerated, I hope he gets to spend some quality cell/sex time in jail. He and those like him are tarnishing the badge of otherwise decent cops.

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