New Group Joins Occupy El Paso Protesters


POSTED: Sunday, October 23, 2011 - 8:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 24, 2011 - 2:04pm

EL PASO-- There's something new at the Occupy El Paso protest in Downtown El Paso.

Protesters have set up a tipi in San Jacinto Plaza. It joins the tents and makeshift campsites already there.

The protest started last week. Occupy El Paso is protesting corporate greed and social injustice. 

Sunday, members of a Native American church joined the demonstration. They're hoping the new tipi will send a strong message.

“We're setting up a tipi here as power of presence. Indigenous people have been overshadowed for too long. Our voices are aligned here with Occupy El Paso. We're demanding respect for Mother Earth, respect for humanity, we're demanding respect for our ancestors,” Cesmelli De Aztlan said.

Occupy El Paso has a permit from the city to protest at the plaza for another two weeks.  

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They will get another million dollars from Reyes,for there vote

Welcome to the Native American church. I fully support your presence.

My concern is that few people, other than yourselves, have any idea what "respect for Mother Earth" means.

Thanks for being here.

To keep things in perspective here, let no one be ignorant of the Super 8a set aside programs that the government is giving native Alaskan and Indian tribes. These are BIG dollar set asides to help poverty laden areas in Alaska and these contracts require NO bidding. These are direct set aside programs.

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