New developments may help families better handle autism diagnosis

New developments may help families better handle autism diagnosis
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Friday, June 28, 2013 - 7:35am

Ongoing research could eventually help families get a better handle on an autism diagnosis.

A recently published report shows a common occurrence among people with autism.

Years of research appear to making strides in the study of autism spectrum disorders or ASDS.

A recently-published study, that was led by Dr. Charles Schwartz, and written by Dr. Luigi Boccuto with help from others focused on the way patients with ASDS metabolize an amino acid called tryptophan.

Dr. Schwartz says knowing this connection can maybe someday help patients and their families get early intervention for ASDS, but researchers say the work is far from over.

Simply knowing there's a connection between tryptophan and patients with ASDS is not enough.

Dr. Luigi Boccuto says, "what we would like to do is investigate the relationship in terms of a causative link, so understanding why is tryptophan abnormal is abnormal in those patients."

Meantime, they've reached a new starting point to collaborate with even more experts and intensify the search for answers, when it comes to autism.

The researchers are still looking for more patients with neurodevelopment problems to take part in the project.

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