New Details in Caballero Murder Case

Monday, April 2, 2012 - 9:33pm

Family Says Police Turned Them Away

A troubling twist tonight concerning last week's murder of El Pasoan Yanira Caballerro.

The family tells News Channel 9 that days before the murder, Yanira Caballero and her father tried reporting criminal activity by Caballero's husband to the El Paso police department, but were turned away.

The family alleges that Yanira and her father went to police headquarters to report that Antonio Brown had stolen credit cards from the family.
They wanted to press charges, but claim a police detective told them, they'd have to make an appointment and come back.
The same El Paso Police Department says that a few days later, Antonio Brown murdered his wife.

Today family and friends celebrated Yanira Caballero's life. Still in shock and questioning how anyone could take her life.
Yanira's husband Antonio Brown has been arrested for her murder. The family alleges Brown had stolen from the family for years and friends back up that story.

"He was always stealing, just always taking things. He didn't care. She would always say that he had no soul that he didn't care for nothing," said Cynthia Samaniago.

Public records document Antonio Brown's criminal past, including theft. Just ten days ago, Yanira and her father went to the police.

"They went to the police department and report the guy that killed my niece so they can detain him because he steals credit cards from my family," said Yanira's Uncle, Hugo Caballero. He said the detective refused to detain the Antonio because they told him to make an appointment.

"I forgive him for what he did to my sister. I don't know why he did it but I just hope my sister goes to a better place. I'm pretty sure she is and I just want Tony just to tell us why," said Claudia Caballero.

With questions not yet answered by El Paso Police, the family continues to grieve, including Yanira's mother.

" She's always gonna be in our hearts and in our memory and we still love her and we still love her more," said Carmen Caballero.

The Caballero family has given us the name of the detective they say refused to take a new criminal report against Antonio Brown. Tonight a police spokesman told News Channel Nine the department needs time to investigate the family's allegations.

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