New Brain Cancer Support Group Forms in El Paso

Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 4:08pm

One local man is not only fighting brain cancer, he's using the time he has left to start the first ever support group for brain cancer patients in El Paso. Robert F. Lefferts, V is using the internet and his own resourceful personality to connect, what he calls brain cancer fighters, together. He's doing this all from his living room. Lefferts had this to say: "I believe I'm on a mission from the lord God. I think there's a message here between my father passing one week, and literally the next week being diagnosed with brain cancer. I had a suicide attempt in 1993. I almost ended my life after Desert Storm. I'm still here. I have defied the odds my whole life. I will continue fighting until the last remaining breath I have. I need to get this word out to other people in El Paso to never give up. Never ever give up."

If you want contact Mr. Lefferts he says to call him at home. That number is (915) 307 5934.

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