Neighbors: We Felt Flames


POSTED: Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 6:50am

CANUTILLO, TX - Video taken by a neighbor caught the fire that nearly burned down the neighborhood. It was so serious, Sheriff's Deputies told people to get out of their homes, but instead of leaving some people grabbed their hoses and started wetting down the area.

"Being a mobile home and being so close to {other} houses, these mobile homes can catch fire really quickly. I figure since they said it was right behind our house I thought the worse. I thought my house was on fire," Maria Enriquez said.

A fence is all that separated the fire from the homes. One shift of the wind could have sent the entire park up in flames.

"They're like match sticks, that's the reason I stayed and did my darndest to help. If one goes they're all going to catch, and with this wind that's all I could do is think about the houses," Elizebeth Prince said.

The fire was so close to homes, it gave people living in them the scare of their lives. Rosa Cimberli said she looked through her window and saw really big flames. Prince felt them.

"I'm pretty shaken up. It's pretty scary because the flames were about two feet from his house, and I could feel the heat on me. It was scary," she said.

No homes were burned, but with all the wind some are afraid another fire could spark up.

"Even though they say it's out, with all these embers and the wind, these mobile homes can catch fire really quick," Enriquez said.


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