Neighbors React To SWAT Standoff In Fabens

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 6:11pm

FABENS - A peaceful morning in Fabens turned violent with a SWAT standoff and a man killed.

Neighbors are pretty shaken after waking up only to see Sheriff's cars surrounding a home in the 15000 block of Alameda.

The sound of ambulance is unusual for this quiet area just outside Clint. Still, it's a sign of a violent morning that had a tragic end.

The Sheriff's office says it got a call around 1 this morning about a drunk man, possibly with a gun, at this home.

"Officers arrived and scene and were greeted with gunfire, they tried to talk to the individual," said Sheriff's deputy Eddie Campa.

The Sheriff's office says there was some sort of get-together going on inside. They say the man shooting at them was drunk, and was telling them no one was going inside. But then they heard shots fired from inside and negotiators and a SWAT team were also called in. But it wasn't enough, and the man began firing again - this time at deputies.

"The subject opened fire on our SWAT officers causing our SWAT officers to return fire and initially the subject was fatally wounded," Campa said.

Most neighbors we spoke with didn't want to go on camera, but some said they feel perfectly safe here. Others said they're always prepared for anything.

"I've never had problems here," one neighbor said, Guadalupe Velas.

"I was concerned because we do know that family and like I said we all take care of each other out here," said one man who wishes to remain anonymous because he says he sees a lot of dangerous activity going on out here.

"After I saw it as one of my neighbors I took my binoculars and I checked it out and saw a bunch of Sheriff's out there," he said.

He says he knows the family and says they are good people. The Sheriff's office isn't giving out the man's name who was shot, they only say he was 46-years-old.

"We're out here by ourselves really, by the time the Sheriff gets here it'll probably be like ten minutes," the anonymous man said.

The Sheriff's office says the deputies involved in the shooting are on paid leave until they find out more.

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