Neighbors React to Juarez Bullets


POSTED: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - 4:26pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 2, 2010 - 7:54am

The Juarez bullets that crossed the border are raising concern with the neighbors in the area. Knowing that bullets can travel far, many wonder if they're really safe in El Paso.

A neighbor, Saul Lucero said, "It is scary because here in the U.S. you feel safer than in Mexico, it is also scary for the children and what can happen to them."

Some say that looking at the bridge every day from their home is a constant reminder of the dangers on the other side.

Some neighbors said that they should probably buy bullet proof glass for their windows, but not even that is  fool-proof.

"We should but we probably won't," Lucero said. "We just ask God to protect us from anything bad that could happen to us"

Lucero only sees one solution.

"There should be more security here in the U.S.," Lucero said.  

Until then, all neighbors in the area said they can do is wait and hope for the best.

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I just hope the El Paso Mayor has a plan & a back up plan for when more violence comes across the border & not just playing guitar in his office.

He should be meeting with all forms of federal government making plans, having hidden assets in place. Having spys embedded into the local & mexico turf that speak 7 languages & blend in.

This may be above the Mayor's thinking & pay scale.
We may need interpol. I dont think the locals can handle the problem or even SEE it.

Well, never mind..

I was not showing more concern for the teenager rather stating that they should be much more aware and concerned for incidents like these; that doesn't justify a reason to just shoot immigrants. They need to solve their issues, and I mean react! I agree, anytime they could start targeting our cars, so why not raise the wall already.

What does the Border Patrol have to do with a shooting at a local grocery store in Juarez? The kid could have seriously injured that Federal Officer, but you are more concerned about a teenager who has been caught several times smuggling immigrants across the border? Seriously's only a matter of time before some J-Town snippers start targeting our cars driving next on the I-10. I just hope you or your family aren't caught up in the cross-fire. Then let's see your next comment!

I agree with you,this kid was one of the most wanted here,for everything he was doing. The BORDER PATROL OFFICER was JUST DOING his JOB< GOOD FOR HIM.With all tis problem in Mexico there hundreds of people moving to El Paso and guest what? there are going to be getting food stamps, are schools are going to be full of kids from Juarez, and who is paying for all that? US the people who work and pay taxes.

Repeal the Arizona business boycotts resolved in the city and county councils, and let's get to work on the problem.

How's that business boycott working for you, city and council members. Bullets can travel 1 and 1/2 miles and you are just a half a mile from the shooters. Can you hear me now?

Repeal your silly resolutions and help us solve the problems.

Good story but, other than the reporter no one speaks any English. Those two people are in America and can't even speak English, will they ever?

Are they American's or just Residence Aliens (green card holders). Do they work and pay taxes like the rest of the good hard working people of El Paso or are they on welfare and food stamps.

Come to the US and be part of the US. Help the US to stay strong, free, and a wonderful place to live.

Well I thought the Border Patrol would be performing their 'duty' to prevent any bullets from firing near the border. Ohh yeah they won't protect their citizens, they prefer shooting mischievious kids for the heck of it. Just make sure they don't throw rocks and maybe your kids will be safe.

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