Neighbors React To Socorro Murder Suicide


POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 12:34pm

It's a tragic end to a holiday weekend. Neighbors of the couple at the center of this apparent murder suicide are shocked and saddened. They say the two mostly kept to themselves but didn't seem like a troubled couple.

They lived on Aaker Street in Socorro. Residents of the area say they were new to the neighborhood, quiet people, who seldom interacted with other neighbors. Abraham Guzman's mother lives across from the Nevarez home. He says Johnny Nevarez once helped him out with his car when he was having trouble. "I needed some help and he came and helped me out. He seemed like a good guy. And it's a tragedy, you know, for that to happen," he says.

The case began Monday afternoon. A friend of Nevarez called Socorro Police, telling them Johnny had called the friend, saying he killed his 20 year old wife, Crystal, and dumped her body in Juarez. Johnny allegedly also told this friend he would kill himself too. Sheriffs deputies later found Nevarez dead in his car Monday afternoon near Hueco Tanks. He had shot himself.

Maria Cardenas lives across the street from the Nevarez home and says the couple seemed reserved but she never expected such a horrific thing to happen.

Other neighbors said Johnny Nevarez had two young children from a previous marriage. The mother of those children showed up to the house this morning, crying, and looking for her kids.

Some of the neighbors told NewsChannel 9 they believed Crystal was pregnant, but Sheriffs' deputies have not confirmed that.

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If she was really pregnant, I feel bad for the baby then.

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