Neighbors Of Drunk Driving Victim React To His Death


POSTED: Friday, January 27, 2012 - 11:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 6, 2012 - 10:44am

NORTHEAST EL PASO- There are new images of the motorcyclist killed Thursday night in east El Paso. His neighbors say Paauwe seemed to have two passions in life, his motorcycle and his family. He lost both of them when a suspected drunk driver took his life.

Cynthia Dominguez, 26, was arrested after she crossed the median and hit Michael Paauwe, 27, while he was riding motorcycle.

"Preliminary investigation has revealed that the four door sedan was driving northbound in the 1200 block of Airway at a high rate of speed when the vehicle crossed the raised medians of the southbound lanes of Airway's traffic,” said El Paso Police Spokesperson Darrel Petry.

Police think Dominguez was speeding and under the influence. They've charged her with Intoxicated manslaughter.

"I couldn't believe it because since we always walk around, we always used to see him, so we never thought it was him or anything. He was a really nice guy. He used to play with his kids,” said Paauwe’s neighbor Brenda Grajeda.

They say Mike Paauwe was a friendly guy who spent time out in his yard.

"He was always like in front, like fixing up his car, cleaning his vehicles, his motorcycle,” said another neighbor.

Paauwe leaves behind his wife Sarah and their two young children.

"I think it is going to be something real sad for his wife because he seemed like a nice guy. With his wife too. Always together. Never arguing or nothing at all,” said Grajeda.

Mike Paauwe becomes the first motorcyclist to lose his life this year in El Paso.

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I am his father, and Mike was a great father, husband and soldier. His passion was to be the best at any thing he did. His mother and I are proud of him and losing him is going to be hard for us and his wife and children.


I am so sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of working with your son for the past 2 years as a civilian in his unit. I saw him in early January as we memorialized another Soldier, we exchanged hellos, a hug, I asked how he was doing...little did I know that would be the last time I would see him. I just want you to know he touched a lot of us and to say he will be missed is an understatement. I will be at his memorial on Fort Bliss next week celebrating his life. God Bless...

She doesn't deserve to ever get out of prison , she should be sentenced to community service , maintaining cementaries , including those caused by drunk drivers, she should be made to publicly speak while in her prisonwear to highschools, colleges etc about what drinking and driving does to lives. She should have to wear a sign on her back as she cleans the el paso trash off the roads etc that she is a drunk driver and took a life of a father and husband and soldier.

Lets limit alcohol licenses in El Paso to 1000 and have them sold on public bid. Limit sales, and needless orphans. END THE EPIDEMIC
My condolences to the family and the 2 other soldiers shot in another alcohol related incident this week.
You don't need to go to war just go to El Paso to die for your country.
Congressman Reyes close Ft Bliss, and save soldiers lives.

That drunk driver should be given death penalty. The person that she killed is serving the country. This drunk drivers are not useful and of no help to the country, their life have no value obviously they are just a destruction to the people, community and country. My heartfelt condolences to the family, they lost a father, husband, son and a hero. I wish the City of El Paso should be stern to this drunk drivers, texters and specially those Mexican Drunkards.

we went to carwash's together, cruises, fox plaza, the track and we always worked on our cars together. His passion was bikes of course, thats why myself and the rest of my team "inception" are trying to organize a bike/car cruise in memory of him starting from lowes on transmountain to the track since he loved to go to the track.For more details, I will be passing out fliers on wednesday at Fox Plaza. oh btw to news channel 9, his wife's name is Sarah Paauwe not "Stacey".

Please share the details of the memorial ride.

Michael Paauwe was a good friend and will never be forgotten. I can't believe this had happened to him. I was in shock when I had received a call today from one of the guys in my team asking me if I had heard anything from him.I told him no, when he broke the news to me telling me that he had passed. We had just hung out 2 days ago at fox plaza. Its taking a while to sink in because I feel he's still here. Every since I met him, he's been like family to me. continue--->

Typical El Paso, more cars than people so more drunks than police can catch. Fry baby fry, this was a soldier, a person, a human who already signed his life over to the United States ARMY and the people as a Whole. You will not get sympathy from me.

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