Neighbors: City Abandoned Us

Neighbors: City Abandoned Us
Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 7:40pm

EL PASO - People in the Barrio Chamizal are taking matters into their own hands because they say the city is ignoring their neighborhood.

Saturday they gathered with signs in front of the abandoned Saint Anne's Center on South Piedras. Their complaints include abandoned buildings, overgrown weeds, and bad roads. So, they started cleaning up the neighborhood so the city would take note.

"As long as the people don't make a fuss about it, they're not going to react," Rosemary Martinez said. "They don't see it as their responsibility when the sidewalks, the trash, the safety issues involved in this neighborhood should be the cities first objective to look at."

"Buildings are falling down, sidewalks are rampant with weeds, and the city has not made any effort, that I know of currently, to help clean this community," Nathaniel Trejo said. "This neighborhood needs to get it's voice heard and make them do something, not just tell them to, but demand it."

Neighbors say Cortney Niland represents them on city council, and we placed a call to her office on Saturday, but we were not able to reach her for comment. A city spokesperson returned our call, but she said she couldn't help us get in contact with the representative.

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