Nearly half of Americans drinking soda daily

Nearly half of Americans drinking soda daily
Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 5:56pm

EL PASO -- A recent poll discovered about half of American adults drink soda daily.

Gallup surveyed more than a thousand adults with 48 percent of them saying they drink at least a glass a day.

On average, soda drinkers have about 2.6 glasses a day, according to poll results.

"Dr. Pepper was my poison," said Carlos Diaz jokingly.

Diaz and his wife recently gave up drinking soda as they are working on being more health conscious.

The U.S. Beverage Industry has recently reported a decline in consumption of carbonated beverages.

"I try to avoid that as much as possible cause i'm trying to lose weight," said Mark Tenorio.

The Gallup poll on soda consumption is the first they have done.

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