NC9 Exclusive: Missing El Paso family allegedly leaves behind suicide note


POSTED: Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 6:27pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 9:40am

Note allegedly said they will "take their lives, and that their bodies will be found soon."

A west El Paso landlord reveals shocking and disturbing new details in the case of a missing family of 4 that could explain their disappearance and lead to their whereabouts.

Octavio Hidalgo wants to put his home up for sale after the family who was renting it from him vanished. Hidalgo doesn't expect them to return because he says they left behind a suicide note.

"The note said that they were having financial problems and will take their lives, and that their bodies will be found soon," said Hidalgo.

On Friday afternoon, the El Paso Police Department announced the Farrey family from west El Paso was missing - 22 year old Jeffrey Farrey, 20 year old Jenna Farrey, and their two kids, 19 month old Blake and 6 month old Jackson.

Fort Bliss officials confirmed that Specialist Jeffrey Farrey is a soldier stationed at Fort Bliss and assigned to the 1st Armored Division.

Fort Bliss spokesperson, Major Joe Buccino said, "We are cooperating with EPPD to locate the soldier and his family. Our immediate concerns are the welfare and safety of him and his family."

Some of the Farrey family's neighbors told NewsChannel 9 the family had only been living in the community a couple months.

"I wasn't even aware they had kids until the officer had mentioned it," said Jeremiah Cedillo. "I'd seen them the day before, you know, just running around, just driving around in their cars and things."

The family's landlord, Octavio Hidalgo said he spoke with them less than a week before they disappeared.

"They told me that they were interested in buying my house and wanted to talk to me about it in person so they could be the new owners of the home," said Hidalgo.

Property records confirm Hidalgo as the owner of the home.

He says he saw the bombshell suicide note with investigators when they were questioning him about the Farrey disappearance, and Hidalgo says they left his home filthy and there were no beds for the children to sleep in.

"In this case, more than anything, I feel terrible for the children because they don't deserve to be suffering. What I have seen inside that house is inhumane, and that's what hurts me the most. I don't care about the rent. It hurts me to see that the children were living in such bad conditions. That hurts me," he said.

A spokesperson for EPPD has confirmed a note was found inside the home but did not reveal the contents of that note.

According to police, the search for the Farrey family first began when one of the Farrey's employers called to say they never showed up to work. When police arrived to their home on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 2:23p.m., nobody was there and the family's dog and car were gone. Police say what they found at the home was "uncharacteristic" and led them to believe their lives might be in danger.

Any person who has seen any of the Farrey family members or their 2007 Dodge Charger with Texas plate number 5ZZ7644 is asked to call police immediately at 915-832-4400.

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its not an "employer" its the US ARMY. you not showing up is called going AWOL (absent w/o leave) and its grounds for them to go looking for you.

I'm sorry but the employer just calling because someone doesn't show up one time? What's the rest of the story on that? There has to be a history, there is no reason to call the police because someone misses work.

It is when your "employer" is the US Government. They can go looking for you 10 mins after formation and you aren't there. You are in a contract with the government when you are in the military. You don't show up, you get in BIG trouble.

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