NC9 Artist Spotlight: Electric Social

NC9 Artist Spotlight: Electric Social
Sunset Heights Block Party 2012

POSTED: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 9:37am

UPDATED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 8:23pm

If the El Paso music realm had a Mark Zuckerberg of its own, it would be drummer Christian Yanez, 22, of Electric Social, with his five branches of band members to make the booming network complete. 

Here’s the spark behind this young group gone “El Paso viral”– just seven months into the scene, Electric Social has headlined gigs almost weekly. Show spectators and area bands express the same accord: ‘where did these guys come from?’

And Mr. Yanez? This kid used his cell phone to record lead singer Karen Perales, 17, in his makeshift bedroom closet to later layer with mobile files of the five remaining instrumentals. Electric Social wants it. And they’re doing everything they can to flip all the right switches in lighting up the local industry. 

To classify them in a specific genre is impossible. Listening to them live, you’d get an electric feel melted into a Strokes-esque, Green Day-ish rock cotton candy with Perales’ vocals. The music openly invites dance and some serious head banging, but does bring about a calmness in some tracks, like ‘Dorian.’

Perales, a choir singer gone rockstar, can capture any spectator with her stage bounce and trend-setting trends. (I bought my first pair of electric blue pants after seeing her rock them on stage at the Network.) The girl is beyond cute, with a serious Gwen Stefani potential, only smaller and pixie-haired. 

The group attempts a 3-guitar trio of which they were hesitant initially, but Joshua Elias, Joseph Saucedo, both 21, and Steven Seigel, 20, pull it off as seamlessly as similar attempts by Radiohead and even Bruce Springsteen’s band. When it comes to the shoulder sway potential, bassist Erik Gonzalez, 20, delivers the happy lows, with a flexibility in style from track to track.

The group is undoubtedly in a puppy love stage so early in the band game, but the sound circuit Electric Social has established is luminous. They are a rock group with the capacity to evolve out of the underage permanent marker Xs on the hands into record label nuptials. The El Paso scene has already announced their, ‘I do.’

To get  feel for Electric Social, check out their website: 


Twitter: @ElectricSocial_ 

Tune in to our December First Friday Showcase on News Channel 9 at 6:30 Dec. 7 for an inside look into the band. 

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