Native El Pasoan trapped in Houston area flooding

KATY, Texas (KTSM) - Native El Pasoan, and mother of three young children, Lisa Maez says she is trapped inside her three-story apartment in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas.

Maez says the apartment complex is surrounded by water as far as the eye can see and she doesn't see anyway to escape.

Maez reached out to NewsChannel 9 for help. We were able to get a hold of County Judge Veronica Escobar who passed on Maez's situation to the local Office of Emergency Management to see what can be done to help Maez and her children as soon as possible. 

Maez says she has tried calling the lines setup for non-life threatening calls but says no one is answering her calls.

Maez says the devastating affects seen across the Houston area caught her by surprise. She was expecting Corpus Christi to be the hardest hit area but soon realized just how dire the situation was in the Houston area.

She says heavy rain and wind as well as tornado warnings have been relentless.

"I'm scared but I am trying to be strong for my kids you know they are getting scared to so at the same time I have to be strong for them. I know that they are in fear, I know that they are, I can tell it in their eyes and I just feel bad you know," Maez said.

She says the only way out of her apartment is a balcony. If conditions get worse she's considering going out there to yell for help when it's daylight. So far all her cries for help have gone unanswered.

She says she fears her and her children's lives are in danger.

She lived through the 2006 El Paso floods and says Harvey's effects are the heaviest she's ever seen and nothing short of what she expects to be a historic tragedy.

"I am really scared for my life and my kid's life and want to try and get to a safe place for them because you know they don't deserve to be going through none of this just like any other child in this city doesn't deserve to go through this," Maez explained.


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