Name of Border Patrol Agent Involved with Shooting of Mexican Teen Released


POSTED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 4:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 17, 2011 - 8:20pm

El PASO - We now know the name of the U.S. Border Patrol agent who shot and killed Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca a year ago in Juarez.

“We’ve just discovered the name of the border patrol agent who shot Sergio, we have now amended the federal lawsuit to include him by name,” says attorney Bob Hilliard. 

The FBI says Sergio and his friends were attacking a border patrol agent by throwing rocks at them.

Sergio’s family is suing the U.S. government, several of its agencies and the agent, Jesus Mesa Jr., for 25 million dollars. 

Attorney Bob Hilliard says they got this information just in time. 

“Border Patrol agent will then be a part of this lawsuit as a defendant and we will begin the process of preparing the case,” says Hilliard. 

The lawsuit is pending partially due to the U.S. government’s request to have part of the lawsuit dismissed. 

“Now they say that since he died in Mexico, they don't waive their sovereign immunity for things that happen in foreign countries only things that happen in the U.S.,” says Hilliard. 

We could see this case in federal court as soon as December but Hilliard suspects it could take much longer.

The FBI says this case is currently pending and it is still under investigation. However, no one could confirm if agent Mesa Jr. is back on duty.

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DUH, YOUR KID HANGS OUT IN THE RIVER BODER INTIMIDATING "MY" BORDER PATROL OFFICERS, WITH ROCKS OR WHATEVER, and he happens to get shot doing this, sorry, he should have not been there in the first place. kinda knives to a gun fight, DUH??

They were not intimidating patrol officers. They were running away from them. The video shows the kids were NOT throwing rocks at any officer at the moment of the killing, and that the victim was actually well on the mexican side. This is called murder. I sincerely hope that officer gets punished. All the money in the world will not pay the life of a lost son.

I have NO pity for the Mexican criminal. I am certain his family will appreciate his death when they win their justice $$$$$$$. That is all they want anyway.

Anna Smith must be married to a Mexican who deals in drugs to defent the criminals. Go live in Mexico and do us all a favor.
Defend our people who are in danger of their lives defending us from criminals like that one.

I SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE BP WHO SHOT THIS PERSON and everyone who lives in the US should also.

This kid was not a criminal. He was a 13 yo boy, he lived right there in the border, he was minutes away from home, and he was only playing with other kids. He did not attack anywa (nor he smuggled drugs or trafficked with people as some ignorant people suggested). He was already on the mexican side when he got shot, and the officer was nto being attacked or in danger when he murdered the kid. You do not know what you are talking about.

Till you walk in BP shoes and do their jobs, don't speak, till your put in that kind of situation and have to handle it don't speak. when will Mexico compensate the families for the murders of US citizens over there and being illegally detained until so called bail is paid. The parents on the other hand are something else. Their son did what he did and he suffered the consequences of his actions. Remember we all were not there.

Till you get a son killed, don't speak.

BP was indanger there were several immigrants attacking not just the kid "REMEMBER" BP was defending himself from getting killed. The video shows there were more man an only one BP so YES he has to take action!!! Plus the kid was faraway can notice if its an adult or kid. Besides they were trying to cross illegaly so WHAT,with that WHY arent they in jail or WHY dont you try to go after the other immigrants whon were involve there the ones that have to pay not the BP his a VICTIM, VICTIM.

The video clearly shows the BO pfficers were running AFTER the kids, and that the officer was not being attacked at all when he decided to murder a kid who was alredy on the mexican side. If it was not because of the presence of mexican soldiers, the BPs would have dragged the body to the american side (they tried and it is also in video). This was a blatant racial murder. I hope this BP gets what he deserves.

dont bring rocks to a gunfight buddy...i have yet to see an officer that carries rocks on his duty belt...oh wait...i saw mexican police carrying rocks last time.

There is no evidence he was throwing rocks at all. There is eveidence the officer was NOT being attacked or endangered in any way when he detained one of the kids and shot the other at a distance.

The lawsuit is stupid. All the agent did was what he gets paid to do which is to protect our border. If someone throws rocks at me and I have a gun, believe me, I would not hesitate to use it. Believe me the kid that was killed was not Beaver Cleaver. The boy was a gang member and more than likely a Coyote. We need to start offering our support to those that put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order for us to be able to enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us by our forefathers.

You know there are two sides to this story. However a person died which makes the situation worse. I feel for the loss. One thing i will say is that we as Ameicans we need to back up our people and especially our people whom are protecting us. These people are out their protecting our borders and our country just like military. Is this the Thanks we give them for protecting our Country. I see it as self defense, i know i would of done it. Its either them or you going in a body bag.

Hey, you throw a BIG rock my way, after you are well aware of who I am, and why im here, and threaten my life, YES im going to blow your brains out, sorry, but that the ley del puene.

I would like to ask: ow many border patrollers have been killed or injuerd by people thorwing rocks at them? On the other side, we know several people die every year murdered by the Border Patrol.

People do die by getting rocks thrown at them! Have you ever heard of "stoning"? It is still widely used in many countries to kill people and is effective. Anytime someone attempts to hurt or kill someone by throwing or shooting deadly materials at them, that person has a right to defend himself! Border Patrol agents put their lives on the line everyday for you and the rest of us without the support from our Federal Government that they deserve! Shame on you for failing to support them!

I said I would like o know how many Border Patrol officers have died or been seriously injured by a rock attack.

How about you go put on a BP uniform and go out there day after day. They are protecting us. I have MANY friends and family in the BP and they've suffered broken bones. I know of agents who have had to be placed on desk duty because of injuries suffered at the hands of "innocent children." So before you go around and making FALSE accusations make sure you know just what you are talking about.

Not enough are done with by the BP. They need to increase their numbers. By the way, get spell check.

You can blame yourself as a parent for not teaching your child to stay away from that area cause its not something you mess with.You dont see U.S. kids running right next to the border fence everyday waving at you in Juarez and then chucking rocks towards you.Now do you?

If they did it could cause an international incident and the parents would be fined by the govt and will be held responsible for it and could be prosecuted for it depending on the severity of the crime the child commited.


So if a relative of yours is killed in a dangerous area it is his fault for being there. I don't think justice works like that. We all saw the video, the policeman was not only NOT being attacked, but he was running AFTER two kids. He hold one kid in one hand and shot the other one in the face. If that is "self-defense" then I am Hitler.

Hi! Hitler! How ya been?

I'd like to shake his hand for standing up for himself and his fellow patrollers. No one else does.

Murdering kids should not be part of border patrol duties.

The "kid" was old enough to know better.

Know better? C'mon. See the video and then come back and salute as a good citizen.

Killing drug runners should be part of the BPs normal duties.

So all mexican kids are drug smugglers I guess. And killing mexicans is OK to you. That is really sad.

Whenever something like this happens, the parents always say that their kid would not do such a thing! Get over it and realize your kid is no angel!!! I am not a heartless person, but come on, its always the same song and dance. Kids are one person with their parents and total different person with their friends!!!

Except that in this case there is video evidence that shows that NO ONE was throwing rocks at the criminal policeman when he shot a child who was in the Mexican side of the border.

The video didn't begin until AFTER the rocks had been thrown.

Then it was not self defense, if the officer shot minutes after the alleged attack. That is not self defense. The video shows how they were running AFTER the kids, not being attacked by them. I hope that officer gets what he deserves.

You must not have seen the real one. Or you closed your eyes to the truth.

You might as well write down his address to.

Hopefully it will come out soon.

money hungry bastards....the agent did nothing wrong

to the attorney: would you defend an american citizen who has been killed in Mexico just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by a so called drug lord who really is a mexican authority.

They are not hungry bastards. just because they are trying to make a better living for themselves. Sounds like you have lots of anger in you. Get a life and pray for yourself. you have no heart.At least they work hard

In this case, this kid was not even trying to cross the border to start a new life or anything. He was playing with other kids in the border, testing their "bravado" by seeing who would go across the fence. He did not throw a rock to the officer and he was on the mexican side when he was shot. He was only a kid.

How are they NOT money hungry? $25 won't bring their son back. Their son who by the way, was on a most wanted list for drug and human smuggling. A lawsuit isn't "working hard" it's a scape goat.

Except for killing a minor on the Mexican side.

The kids age does not make him less guilty. Why is he hanging around in an area thats notorious for drug/human smuggling? Because the kid was a smuggler and has attempted to make illegal entry just like it shows him doing in the video. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DEFEND HIM? Did you not watch the full video? Did you not hear the lady in the background say "Le estan tirando piedras" (Enlgish for "theyre throwing rocks at him") Educate yourself, fool. Agents get rocked and seriously injured everyday!

You know what, people like you make people like me that actually understand the immigration laws of this country sick to my stomach. First of all this "minor" was a known criminal and was on the governments list for human trafficking. Second of all why the hell was he doing in a place where its a fact that he should not be at in the first place? That area is known for nothing but drugs and all kinds of criminal activity, I know I lived in that area as well as manny members of my family.

You're lying and you know it. This kid was not a criminal (much less a 13 yo human traifficker, for Christ sake), and he was only playing in the border with other kids. He lived there, he was a few minutes away from his home, and he had no plans on staying in the States. He did not throw rocks to the officer, and he was shot dead while he was on the mexican side. Fascistoid, racist people like you make me sad.

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