Music Under the Stars Could Still Be Dry

Music Under the Stars Could Still Be Dry

POSTED: Saturday, April 9, 2011 - 4:08pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 8:35am

EL PASO - One of El Paso's most popular summer events could run dry this year.

The Chamizal National Park usually allows people to drink at Music Under the Stars. That's the free city-sponsored summer concert series that's held annually. However, this year alcohol may be banned because park leaders say booze fuels problems.

"We found out that alcohol was a reocurring theme in our problems, incidents, DWI's. [Those] things happen on a rare occasion, but during the summer it seems like they happen a lot more often when we have large crowds and alcohol involved," said Chief Ranger Jerome Flood.

This week, park leaders asked folks for their opinions, but they still haven't decided whether to ban alcohol during the summer. That announcement is expected to come soon.

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I agree, punish the immature, irresponsible ones. Drinking a few coldies on a beautiful el paso evening, listening to music, and eating the delicious treats is something I thouroughly enjoy! If alcohol is banned, I will not attend.

i doubt it will be alcohol free because they have to reach an agreement with mexico on it since they have a say so on that park in some ways.

farewell MUTS!we do need new music/better music, el paso is growing musical but we still have the same groups playing, id say bands but they only band i thought was great was radio la chusma and really people go out to mix with each other not just for "familia" guess we'll have to wait for Neon Desert Music Festival to have a GREAT AND BADASS TIME. MUTS should of been selling alcohol along time ago and regulating it with prices, not banning.

Ban quarts and 3/4 of the vatos would stay home:)

Do the park rangers still "threaten" everyone with the SPRINKLERS ?? They used to announce that the sprinklers were gonna go on at 10 O'clock... so you were supposed to leave RIGHT AWAY!! What morons... Did they ever think to unplug or simply Turn off the timer on the Sprinklers ??? What a joke !
They should be happy that people visit thier's called JOB SECURITY !!!

We stopped going YEARS AGO ! But no cause of the alcohol, but because of ALL the Stupid Rules they have imposed. It doesn't surprise me that they want to ban alcohol now. Soon they will ban lawnchairs, blankets, food & having fun! I say just CANCEL the dam thing. Why go there to be treated like an UN-WELCOMED GUEST? And the music has gotten worse every year. We go to Alfresco Friday's, no dumb rules and nothing but FUN! The idiot park rangers should appreciate that folks go to the park.

i second riomar9...your funny

Punish the relatively few troublemakers at M.U.S.T. and leave the rest of us who drink responsibly alone.

Let 'em all get drunk so they can drown out and become oblivious to the same damned horrible music always played at that miserable event. I'm sick & tired of the same bands like Azucar and the rest of the other sickening local bands playing the same damned thing every year 2 a bunch of morons who don't know what good music really is. Better yet, instead of having the pathetic, gluttonous event where people pig out, just ban the whole damn thing all together once and for all...I'm sick of it!

We go to MUTS for the music, not the alcohol. Keep it alcohol free...

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