Multilinguals May Have Multiple Personalities

Multilinguals May Have Multiple Personalities
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 6:38pm

EL PASO - A study published in the journal 'Scientific American' claims that speaking another language, may alter your personality. The authors followed Chinese students who learned to speak English and compared their behavior to the students who spoke only Cantonese. When the English-speaking Chinese students interacted with other English speakers, they adopted more "Western" behavior and appeared more assertive.

In a region where a large percentage of residents speak both English and Spanish, we asked bilinguals if they had observed any changes in behavior when talking to different groups. No one we spoke with seemed to believed that personalities would change due speaking another language. However, many agreed that anyone naturally adapts their behavior when they are in a different group of people, or a different culture. For example, you may act differently in church than you would at work or school.

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