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Motorcycle Crash Victim Identified


POSTED: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - 12:25pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 5:55am

EL PASO - The victim of a deadly motorcycle crash in Far East El Paso has been identified.

Javier Thomas, 21, was killed last night at Zaragoza and Saul Kleinfeld.

Police say he hit a car as he sped through a yellow light.

Thomas died at the scene.

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still its sad

it is not the bike yogi, its the rider....are we going to ban every car that speeds through a light to beat it if so we will all be walking soon...i ride a Harley and for the few percent of motorcycle wrecks there are far more idiots driving in actual automobiles than on bikes..if you don't believe me check the stats, you don't see a motorcyclist texting or putting makeup or reading or drinking or playing with the radio

noticed that when a unit has a bike ride, alot of the riders don't have the proper equipment on...and they say leaders inspect. I seen a guy in slippers, tennis shoes, along with other things you're not suppose to wear. Kids playing these computer/xbox games...its like cartoons, you have to tell them its not like that in real life..some listen, alot of others just don't care and think they have the right-a-way or can make the light. I don't know. You tell me which it is.

As a rider of more then 40 yrs exp. I push it from time to time, but not in the city or in heavy traffic. I've been hit, run off the road and pushed off by people using cell phones or no just paying attention. I even got lucky and caught a girl at a stop light and told her to watch what she was doing cause she almost killed me. She got angry and told me to FO. People don't care, much less bike riders of today. The army has all these classes and warnings but who cares. Soldiers don't, and I have.

they should ban motorcyles they go to fast and they don't learn lessons by all these people killed driving motorcycles they scare the daylights out me when they go by so fast like on the freeway some guy was traveling about 100 miles per hr scared the cars out of the way hope he didn't kill himself on the freeway

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