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Mother Speaks Out


POSTED: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 5:42pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 11:32am

One woman's child was hit by a car in her school parking lot and tonight she is asking parents to be more careful.

We first brought you this story last week, after the El Paso Independent School District told us that the girl was just "tapped." But her mother says it was a lot more serious than that.

"My intention here is to is to say this is really what happened, and be careful because if you're not, you can kill someone," said Veronica Lascurain. Last week she was dropping her five-year old off for kindergarten at Marguerite J. Lundy Elementary School.

"I saw a big, black SUV coming our way and I saw the lady wasn't looking at us."

When we called EPISD to find out what happened, they told us a little girl ran in between two cars. Lascurain said that's not true.

"They say she was tapped, no," she said. "And that she came running out of cars, no. She was standing right there, right next to me."

Lascurain said her three-year-old son was also hit. But EPISD didn't even mention a second child. The district also said the wheel did not go over her daughter, which Lascurain said is also false.

"The wheel went over my daughter's leg."

They also said she wasn't hurt. Lascurain says that's not true either.

"My daughter was not tapped," she said. "She was run over she went to the hospital with IV. She went through a lot of tests with radiation to see if she was ok."

The district was not willing to talk to us on camera but did release this statement: "That's the information police provided; every matter is handled immediately and our main priority is the safety of all of our students."

Lascurain said she doesn't want to point a finger of blame at anyone. She just wants parents to be more careful.

"Then it's a little girl's fault, so you're not going to think of being careful," she said.

The police report filed by EPISD police does say the girl was knocked down and officers saw a small abrasion on her body. It also says that she did walk into the path of the SUV.


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I must agree with the first comment. She is basically exploiting her child for her own fame. If she thinks she is going to be able to extract money via lawsuit from the school district, she is crazy. There were plenty of witnesses to what happened. It was an terrible accident but it was not even close to what she is claiming. She should be happy her daughter is fine and get over herself.

This is an absolute lie. What is this mother thinking to allow you to post a story in the news that is not true. Is she seeking publicity for a lawsuit? This child was not injured enough to be hospitalized. Check your sources before publishing something on someone's word alone. Do you realize the damage to the many other students at this wonderful school?

This mother is lying. There are MANY witnesses that saw what really happened. What REALLY happened is in the report the EPISD filed. The little girl is fine and was released the same day with no injuries. The car did not run over her, but bumped her when she ran in front of it. The little boy has a scrape on his face because the mother threw him on the ground when her little girl got bumped by the car. Really sad that she has to go to the media and make up lies.

Thank goodness there are witnesses of what really happened.Yes parents need to be more careful with there kids,but it's hard when you have two little ones and getting them both out of a car and car seats at the sametime.

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