Mother says special needs child is being neglected

Mother says special needs child is being neglected
Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 6:44pm

An El Paso mother is demanding answers, after she says her special needs son was attacked by another special needs child while at school. The mother says her plea has been ignored by the El Paso Independent School District.

Gut-wrenching photos taken by Claudia Cardenas, of her three year-old special needs son Giovanni Cardenas, show him covered with bite marks on his face, ear and hand.

"I bursted crying because this is more than serious because it teared the tissue of the skin," said Cardenas.

She says another special needs child in his Dowell Elementary School class allegedly attacked him inside the playground tunnel, during school hours.

"It's not the kids fault. It's whoever was looking after them," said Cardenas.

The school called her and warned her before she picked him up to take him to the hospital.

"I don't feel like this was an accident. I feel like this was negligence. I feel like they were not doing their job and the principal did not want to give me an explanation. Just to take him to the hospital. I got mad because they should have told me to pick him up right now this is serious," said Cardenas.

The school will not tell her what is happening to the other child involved and how the children went unsupervised. Cardenas says she filed a police report, but is still worried that other special needs children are in harms way.

"Something has to be done because it's the teachers responsibility to have a safe environment," said Cardenas.

El Paso Independent School District officials did respond with a statement saying:

"Dowell Elementary School Administration has taken seriously this sensitive situation involving pre-kindergarten students in a special program. The campus has been in close communication with both parents to discuss their concerns and provide guidance and assistance in addressing this issue."

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