Mother of missing 5-month-old baby has history of child abandonment


POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2013 - 11:29pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 11:29am

A west El Paso couple has been arrested and charged, following the disappearance of their baby boy. As we've reported, Jeffrey and Jenna Farrey and their two baby boys vanished Friday, after the couple allegedly left a suicide note in their home.

The couple was arrested at the Eagle's Nest Motel in Escanaba Michigan, early Sunday. Their five-month-old son named Jackson, is still missing. Police will not say what the Farreys have been charged with but there may have been signs of trouble. Farrey posted several videos on YouTube within the last few months.

"Me and my husband have been married for almost two years now. In a month, it will be two years. And I love him to death and I thought I loved the army wife life, I just really don't,” said Farrey.

In the same video she talks about motherhood.

“I have a one-year-old and a two-month-old and it's not easy ladies. It is really not," said Farrey.

We learned that Jenna Farrey has a criminal record and pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges back in January, but was given a second chance to make things better.

We obtained arrest affidavits that detail several occasion when Jenna left her kids alone. The first time was in June of 2012.
Jenna was stopped for speeding. When asked why, she said because she left her then 2-month-old son Blake at home alone for 40 minutes. A month later, Jenna took a road trip to Elephant Butte and left Blake home alone again for seven and a half hours. A week later, she left him home alone again as she went to the movies. Farrey was sentenced to community service and five years of probation, but was allowed to keep her kids.

While children's court Judge Yahara Gutierrez couldn't comment specifically on this case, she says every case is unique.

"Texas law tells us the first priority is to keep the family together," said Gutierrez. “If we've offered them counseling, everything that we can offer and they still have not complied, still have not shown to the court ,that they have become fit parents. At that point is when their parental rights are terminated."

The Farreys' oldest son, 9-month-old Blake, has been placed in the care of Child Protective Services. His future remains unknown.

"The child always wants to go back to the parent. The child loves their parent no matter what they've done. No matter what they haven't done," said Gutierrez.

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Because CPS doesn't care about the warning signs. They only care about "keeping the family together". Seen this many times before!

Some people should not have kids......and if the conditions were so filthy and there was such horrible neglect......which leaving a 5 month old alone over and over and over again is .......why did they leave the children in this situation????

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