Most Expensive Homes: Numbers 8 and 7


POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 7:40am

EL PASO - They're lavish and extravagant and turn a lot of heads in El Paso. Tonight, we resume our countdown of the most expensive homes in the Sun City.

Coming in at number eight, a Spanish-style hacienda is just a few steps from El Paso Country Club at 530 Woodland Avenue. A commercial real estate developer owns the 60,000 square foot home. With its red tile roof, multiple fireplaces, elaborate landscaping, and expensive rock walls - it's no wonder that it costs a cool $1.24 million, making it the 8th most expensive home in El Paso.

You'll find 10,000 square feet of luxury at 1028 Calle Milagro and at number 7 on our list. Located on a mesa, this impressive house belongs to the owner of a document processing company.

"This area is called the Park Hills Subdivision, and most of the homes in here, the majority of the homes are built on the side of the mountain," said Angelo Amoriello with Amore Appraisals. With this home, he says it's all about location, location, location.

"As you notice how its set back from the rest of the road from the rest of the houses, that's all out on a mesa, you have that privacy, you don't have a neighbor to look at on either side," he said.

Because it sits high on a bluff, developers most likely had to excavate ground and replace it with retaining rock wall - a process that doesn't come cheap. Other pricey features like the fencing, the landscaping, and the roof all contribute to its price tag.

"They call it a slate tile roof and it's a little harder, a little heavier than your clay tile," Amoriello said.

Valued at $1.24 million and change, it's number seven on our list of the most expensive homes.

Monday we'll continue our look at the most expensive homes in El Paso and count down numbers 5 and 6.

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Seriously? Irresponsible Reporting!! Endangering the lives of these homeowners and their families. Instead how about reporting how much these homeowners pay .These people can live anywhere and chose to invest in our community. Here is an idea. How about how doing some reporting on how our tax dollars are wasted with irresponsible spending instead of being so irresponsible with the citizens that pay a huge amount of taxes that pay for schools,county hospitals, etc. What are you TMZ!

At a time of confusion, worry and stress,who cares how expensive this homes are.Some of us are more worried about water,gas and electricty shortage.

Sorry I couldnt post this earlier, but i was fighting through crowds at lowes and fixing busted pipes at night. I just wanted to say that i really appreciated the boost in morale after watching who had the most expensive home in el paso. must be nice to sit by the fireplace drinking herbal tea and being able to flush the toilets for that matter. way to go KTSM!

Greg Duran

Hope you had good luck finding

public record

With the current economy it seems in very bad taste to run this series. How about a really interesting story on the incredibly talented music programs at the middle and high school levels in this city? Most El Pasoans don't know what wonderful talent our schools are producing - yes, the public schools!

It is an interesting segment/special, I'll admit, but it just doesn't seem it's been done with the proper degree of responsibility! Considering the extorsion cases, murders, and kidnappings our metro area in general (not just in Juarez) is going through, to publicize not only the homes and prices themselves, but the property's owner's full names and addresses!!! Just seems a bit foolish of these property owners to have conceded to this...if they were even formally approached with releases.

I spoke with someone named David at the station voicing my concern for the safety of these owners and their families concerning the situation in Juarez. He said they took video from the street and violated no ones property, thus giving me the feeling that no owners were contacted by KTSM. He also mentioned that legally they were in the bounds of public records. I still feel that this is endangering these property owners with robbery or kidnapping. Morally this is not right.

The owners were approached and even if they didn't consent to having their information published, the report still did so since it's a matter of public record. I agree that it is foolish to publish this information.

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