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More Women Learn the Ropes to Knock Off Those Extra Pounds

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 6:24pm

Getting "hooked" on a knockout workout...

"I see the women coming in and pushing themselves harder. They seem to be more enthusiastic about it and to be honest some of them a little more aggressive," said LA Boxing Assistant Manager Art Alba.

Alba says he's noticed more women learning the "ropes" to knock off those extra pounds.

"Most of them for weight loss, to get a better cardio workout and also self-defense," said Alba.

"I've definitely lost weight. I've seen some muscle tone as well and my conditioning has increased. It's been a lot better," said LA Boxing Member Claudia Mercado.

Alba expects even more females to enter the ring once they see women's boxing featured in the 2012 Summer Olympics for the first time in history.

"They're going to see how fit boxers can really be and I think it's a great motivation because boxing is probably one of the hardest sports I could think, not only having to use you mind, but you have to be in fantastic physical shape," said Alba.

Alba says you can burn up to a thousand calories in a single one-hour class.
Members agree... the workout pulls no punches.

"During the workout, you get tired, but afterwards it gives you energy," said LA Boxing Member Grecia Aguilera.
"This is really a killer workout. It will kick your butt," said Mercado.

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