More Than 3,000 People Sign Parking Meter Petition

More Than 3,000 People Sign Parking Meter Petition

POSTED: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 3:37pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 3:39pm

EL PASO - Thousands of people are now joining with a local coffee shop owner to say 'no' to parking meters.

As we reported, Kinley Pon, the owner of Kinley's Coffee House, says if the city puts up parking meters on the street in front of his shop in West El Paso it will hurt his business. More than than three thousand people have signed his petition to show they agree with him.

Pon is working to get even more people to sign the petition, and he will give City Council the signatures on Monday.

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W2G!!! Fight the Power!!! EP has no clue how to raise money but idiotic ways like this.

They spend 8k on new paint jobs on Sun Metro buses a piece and raise fee's. Instead they could have sold the un-used space on the sides of the bus like every metro-city does to raise revenue for the city and department. Which means no hike in bus ride fee's and extra money.

The people rest your honor and put on record that City Council of El Paso are morons.

Not to mention they don't even want to look into the reason why EPISD spends 5K every year on illegal immigrant children. With school's closing and budget cuts you think they would worry about keeping teachers and provide better sources of educational materials to your children.

If one school houses 30 illegal immigrant students, thats 150K a year. Where is this money coming from since their parents don't live here? Where are the parents portion of taxes that fund public education?

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