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More Testing than Teaching?


POSTED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 25, 2011 - 8:48pm

Lucy Clarke from the El Paso Federation of Teachers says at least 50 of the 179 school year days are spent on standardized testing.

"That is the problem with TAKS or any state test it doesn't matter what state you're in. Being the single measure of whether a school or school district is successful or not. There have to be other measures used," Clarke said.

Clarke says teachers are feeling the pressure to ensure their students pass the state test, which forces them to sacrifice a more well-rounded education.

"The teachers are concerned that the students are not getting the depth of knowledge that they need to be truly successful in higher education," Clarke said.

Clarke says it's money that puts schools under pressure to do well on state tests.

"Funding has a great deal to do with the change in what a teacher can teach and how in depth they can go into a particular area," Clarke said.

Even if students are doing well on standardized tests, Clarke says she's afraid they're losing out.

The EPISD didn't answer our questions but they did send us a comment this afternoon stating that superintendents across the state are requesting that legislators delay the implementation of a new end-of-course exam.

Although administration and teachers are opposed to more testing it still remains a possibility.

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You also have to imagine tax payer money goes to illegal immigrant children that are in the school system. As reported EPISD uses 5k for every child so where is that money coming from? The parents that pay into taxes as versus the illegal immigrant parents do not.

As for testing the school board does not want to do extra work. Why make something better that benefits the kids. Nothing but a shame our education level is on a downward slope

Ignorance is bliss... FYI, illegal parents pay more in taxes b/c they cannot collect SS and are still taxed on their checks! Ignorant ignorant ignorant racist!

I am concerned because I was told by some teachers at my daughters school that the principal has instructed the teachers to disregard lesson plans on Science or other subjects. By the time my daughters finish school I am sure they will be EXCELLENT test takers! The school is concerned about funding and obtaining good scores so they may receive the funding. Yet, where does the taxpayers money go, where does the lotto money go? This TAKS testing is ridiculous!

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